The Scourge Ascending

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     "The Scourge Ascending" is a unique kind of Minecraft content mod. This mod extends the vanilla progression system past the Ender Dragon, adding new content even after the Ender Dragon has been defeated. This mod also takes pride in it's vast array of weapons, tools, and armor, each with a unique ability and concept, With over 40 weapons and counting, there is much to choose from to suit your needs. Like huge swords that deal extreme DPS? No problem, I got you. Enjoy bows that bring the wrath of storms upon your foes? I got the perfect weapon for you. All of the weapons and armor are balanced and  designed to add more variety to combat progression. Not only that, it improves upon many vanilla aspects of the game, improving existing biomes with new structures, ores, and mobs for the avid adventurer to discover. Ever get tired of just the Ender Dragon and Wither? Don't worry, I have your back. This mod adds 2 new bosses with unique designs, AIs, and drops. Plus, defeating the aforementioned vanilla bosses yields new rewards! Neat!

Not quite an adventurer? Do you prefer building? Well, this mod adds a bit of that, too! It caters to builders with over 52 new blocks to spice up your builds! Each block design is unique, and can add some new life to your builds!

This mod also adds some convenience in the form of several items to improve vanilla gameplay. Of course, these are balanced, as to be not too overpowered. 

Overall, if you are looking for a new experience across all of your gameplay, than it would be great to give this mod a try!

-Since this mod is made with MCreator, and my lack of experience with coding in general, this mod may be a bit rudimentary, but I plan to continue working on it to make it the best mod it can be.

-Due to complications in the modding engine and problems (like crashing and corruption) that I've experienced, the mobs in this mod do not have animations. Please be considerate, I am trying my best to work this out. 

-This mod's progression system is fragile, and may not mesh well with other mods. It's best to play this mod with little to no other content mods installed as to keep the progression, but other quality of life mods will make your experience better. These include the standard vanilla improvement mods as well as recipe browser mods like JEI to navigate the recipes in this mod.

-You may notice this mod is in 1.3. This is because I have been working on it for awhile, but that only means more content from the get-go!

-Yes, I also go by Shrek On My Deck, so don't get confused - we are the same person!


New Additions

-Added a new mini biome to the end - the Nova Spacelands! With it comes new plants, blocks, an ore, and a new mob!

-Added A new structure to The End - the Endermite Nest.

-Added 16 new blocks, all based around the Nova Spacelands mini-biome

-Added a new growable plant species - the Cosmoberries, available in three colors! Including seeds for all three, making them farmable.

-Added a new grass type

-Added a new tree type (saplings included)

-Added a new ore for upgrading weapons

-Added a new mob to guard the Nova Spacelands.

-Added a unique item exclusive to Nova Spacelands loot chests

-Added 4 new swords

-Added 4 new ranged weapons

-Added 2 new throwing weapons

-Added a new toolset - axe, shovel, and pickaxe

-Added a crafting material for Astralwood tools.

-Added a new variant of the Challenger's Ruins if the large version generates incorrectly

-Added endermite and titantula egg blocks

-Added baby titantulas

-Added a new drop from the Hypogean Monarch boss (It's really awesome)

-Added 5 new advancements



-Darkipedes can now be tamed and ridden

-Titantula nests have been overhauled

-Added new things to desert and jungle loot tables

-Added lore to boss advancements

-Boss advancements are now hidden until that boss is defeated.

-Boss advancements have been upgraded to goal status

-A defeat message has been added for the Hypogean Monarch

-Upgraded the Glacite Ingot sprite


Fixes & Balancing

-Numerous weapons have been buffed and nerfed to provide more balanced gameplay. 

-Fixed a bug where brass armor leggings and chestplate sprites were reversed

-Fixed a bug where the "proven worthy" advancement was unattainable

-The Hypogean Monarch's health has been decreased from 700 to 600

-Changed the description of the Cornucopia

-Increased spawn height of Krighemmel Ships

-Edited the generation method of several structures

-Void Ore will no longer generate on the main end island

-Slightly tweaked the progression system of tools