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Published by kjmagic on Mon, 02/15/2021 - 20:27
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Are you tired of the same old hardcore?. You came to the right place. This mods will change hardcore to ultimate hardcore. this mods have biome and portal. this mods also have advancement to complete. The only way to make progress is by follow the advancement and have the recipe bench. This mod will be hard of bosses. The first bosses you will face is easy but when you get more progress. The bosses will get harder. This mods is a bit of a grind. The mod have recipe that will get harder and harder as you go. Do you have a gut to go through this mods?. If you do have a gut well let see how far you go until you rage quit. If you are a youtuber and you see this well I want to see how far you can go in this mod. This mod is still in progress. I work on this mod  for three year now. I made a lot of change from where I start It. I am having fun still making this mods. The recipe bench is required to make any progress in this mods. This mod you have to go to biome to get material from biome and biome portal. This mods will need a wither skeleton farm to get nether star. This mod will need a lot of nether star. This mod is also a sky factory support with the sun log can be crafting and the wand for the sun ore silver biome. The sun log is use to make the portal. This mod is also vanilla base That mean if you want to craft a crafting table, chest, and wooden tool. You can do that with this mods. This feature is only in sun biome, ore biome, and silver biome to get start it. This mod do have armor and tool and the more you upgrade the better is will get in this mods. Are you tired of eat all the time. This mod is for you. the deeper armor will do the trick. The question is can you get the deeper armor from  all the grind you have to do?. If yes you are amazing person to take time with this mods. Armor will have effect and tool will have enchantment. If you do not like the enchantment than you can grind that off with a grindstone and put your enchantment on it. The armor do not have enchantment so you can put your own on it. This mods will made you make a 64 by 64 platform for the castle block. The castle block do have warning on them to tell you what to do. The armor tell you effect that you get with the armor. The more you upgrade the armor have more effect. This might change because is to much for this mods but right now that is how is work for this mods for now. Break the sun log to start the advancement. The boss fight are in a work progress so do not think the boss battle is good.


Q and A


Can I use this in my mod pack?


A: Yes you can use this in your mod pack. I love playing mod pack with different way of how you have to make progress. You do not have to give me credit but feel free to give me credit if you want to or not this choice is in your hand. You may not mirror the mod by itself or create a "mod installer. You can use this in a public and private mod packs if you want to in this mods.


video required are a choice by you.

If you do a video put it in the comment and I will watch it.


Found a bug?

put it in the comment.


There is a bug that I know about but I try everything to fix this problem.

the bug is The furnace, DNA bench, and power star maker. The item can duplicate at ransom time. Plz do not use the duplicate to help you to make progress. 


How I made this mods?


Go here and use mcreator and make your mod come to life with your idea.

link to mcreator


this mod was made with mcreator.



sun biomeOre biomeSilver biome

Crystal biomeBlack Crystal biomeDevil biomeBlaze biomeDeeper biome


There will be more but in a addon



Modification files
past mod 1.9 final 1.16.5 update.jar - past mod 1.9 final 1.16.5 updateUploaded on: 09/27/2022 - 03:24   File size: 18.29 MB

1.4 full release

big improvement to the bosses


the bosses have phase now.


change texture of ore grass, devil grass, and deeper grass.


overhaul black crystal plank


that all i have for now.


1.5 full release

added creative item (only for my mod pack call Past pack)


added devil stair, devil fence, and more


change the texture of the final furnace and name of the final furnace


that all I have for now.


!.6 full release

star were remove but they are back in a different way. in my modpack for this mods


Sun biome,ore biome, and silver biome do not spawn anymore in the overworld.


added portal frame for all of my biome.


blaze biome is remove from the devil biome and now have a portal for a blaze biome


some recipe were Change


remove old way to active the portal,


new way to do it is by have portal frame or block you call it.


crystal block, devil block, black block, and more to active the portal.


added wand for each portal.


overhaul the cave in each biome and ore.


change some picture inside the recipe bench


all of my stone name are change to cobblestone,


all of my stone do not spawn in each biome anymore


added a tool upgrade system. {this will be explain in the next update}


now you have to break stone from each biome to get the cobblestone


that all i have for now.


1.7,, 1.8, 1.9 update

fix the sunstone name to cobblestone


significant overhaul to the ore biome.


The ore biome name changed to Dark Ore biome now.


all ore items have changed as well.


I added more decoration blocks.


change the recipe for the blaze tool. 


added a book to tell you what tool you need to break in each biome and make each portal.


brought back blaze and deeper biome back.


change the DNA bench, star bench, and armor bench recipe.


crystal, black crystal, devil, and blaze are harder.


this is the final update for 1.16.5