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Published by kjmagic on Mon, 02/15/2021 - 20:27
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v1.0 description version 1.16.4

This mods use everything you know about Minecraft and make it harder than before. This is my first Mod after made. This mod took a year to Make by Changing Texture to make it look a little better than what I saw when i made this mods. The texture was Bad. I knew that I needed to make a change fast. When I did The texture was so mush better than before that you did not see when I was making the Texture. There is some Texture That need some work on. The only way to know everything in this mods is by following the advancement. The Advancement will tell you everything. If there recipe you are looking for well you have to make them. This mods you need a sheep farm because you need a lot of wool to make these recipe. you can put it on the item frame to see it better. The recipe start out easy but than is get harder after awhile. I really Work on this mod so hard. the mod took a year to be here now. I hope you enjoy this mods. Sun ore you find in the sun biome. ore ore block you find that in the ore biome. Silver ore you find that in the Silver biome. Crystal ore you find that in the Crystal world. black Crystal ore you find that in the Black crystal biome. Demon ore you find that in the demon world. sunstone you find it in the sun biome. There are 3 Biome and 3 portal. Third portal have two biome Demon and blaze. Start the mod is by breaking the sun log.

Future plan:

-Add more biome

-add more world or Portal

-add more light block

-add more Recipe

-add more tool

-add more plant

-add more food

-add Custom animal to my biome and portal

-add more bosses make them harder


Thank you for time. Stay safe and Stay Heath


v1.1 description version 1.16.5

sorry for a long delay on the update. I was doing big change to this. This big update will be split to two part, the first one is here. the first one have recipe that can easy to find by making the recipe bench. all of the ore have different vein now. no more of the other vein. add a another biome that is still be work on. you can enter it but the ore will not spawn yet because is still need some work. you might be ask yourself how to get there, Well answer to that is by kill something that spawn everywhere in the world but not everywhere.

half of the world is will drop something you need to take that and put in a normal crafting table make a how to make a furnace than put the demon stone in the middle to get what you need to get there. the lighter you have to cheat for that the same name with the block you made. the advancements is different where you cannot craft recipe anymore. All of that is in the recipe bench for crafting table tier 1, tier 2, and tier 3. I will add more to it. All of that was part one. I am working on part two after I update this. Reason for the long delay is that I am not only a mod creator. I am also a map creator that why is took a while. I made three map. the link below.

https://www.planetminecraft.com/project/rubik-s-diversity-remake/  part 1

https://www.planetminecraft.com/project/elevation-code/ part 2

https://www.planetminecraft.com/project/elevation-code-2/ part 3 final

all in order to understand what is going on.


recipe for the recipe bench

https://www.mediafire.com/file/nvww2sdtf1vx5ik/recipebenchrecipe.png/file click for the recipe for the recipe bench. you might have to download. sorry


v1.2 description version 1.16.5 beta

this next update is beta for part 2 of the big update. this is big with portal biome. when you go trough the portal. The light glitch is fix. Now you need torch when you go underground.

Underground is different in all of the portal biome. you will not see the crystal stone. black crystal stone, and devil stone everywhere because that look ugly and it make it look like you are blind. they will spawn still but now there are stone to replace the other stone. The portal biome look lot better with this now. the other thing I found is when you break the log with your hand is do not drop. I fix that problem with all of the log in this mod. The recipe bench have resource to tell you what to get for them. I added a recipe book for the recipe bench. You are asking yourself how to get that?. Well break a sun log to get the book. Deeper biome have ore but is only drop deeper chunk for now. I say before in the v1.1 description version 1.16.5 to get the deeper portal is by making the deeper block from the deeper chunk and make a pattern like you are making a furnace and put the devil stone in the middle and the lighter. The lighter is by having a devil wand that have full repair and deeper chunk. The recipe is shapeless for the wand. The recipe will change in the future. But the recipe is that for now. a lot of change happened here but is beta. The big update part 2 is spilt to four part. I know you do not like that but is a big update so that why is beta. I did this to keep your got update so I do not have a long delay like before.




video on my progress and update. WARNING VIDEO IS NOT GREAT. 

the first time I did this okay.

https://drive.google.com/file/d/1KS8iMdvRU8vx--YcUhB-U-5dUMLA4M6D/view (out of date video now)


support him for giving me idea and having it in my mod. 



v1.3 description version 1.16.5 alpha

i know this is weird to update this early. I saw I needed some time but i got it finish for alpha version. This update fix a lot of thing I found in my workspace. I found that all of my block will not drop. Well I fix that and every block will drop now. I have new texture for the top part of the door. I added tab for each of my biome and other stuff. I knew this was needed because the mod was just getting bigger. I added this to creative for people to grab stuff much better way than search for them. I added more to the deeper biome. new boss, new castle but not really new, and other stuff for the deeper. Deeper ore drop a different item now but is do not have a use yet. I added other item for the deeper but do not have recipe yet. I told you how to get to the deeper biome and light it up in my other description. You have to cheat for the castle for now. Next update will have recipe for them.

that everything in this update.










Modification files
ultimate hardcore 1.16.4 v1.0.jar - Ulitmate Hardcore v1.011.19 MB
ultimate hardcore 1.16.5 v1.1_1.jar - Ultimate Hardcore v1.111.9 MB
ultimate hardcore 1.16.5 v1.2 beta.jar - Ultimate Hardcore v1.2 beta12.13 MB
Ultimate Hardcore v1.3 alpha.jar - Ultimate Hardcore v1.3 alpha12.27 MB


-Texture Change

-harder bosses

-fix some bug

that all I have for now


remove of making recipe and now all in the recipe bench

add a new biome (not ready)

new vein for all of the ore

remove advancements for making recipe.

that all I have for now

v1.2 beta

add more to the recipe bench and now tell you resource you need to craft it

added a recipe book

change how the portal biome work

the light glitch is fix

little more to the deeper biome

deeper ore spawn now in the deeper biome.

log has problem and now is fix

added a recipe for the deeper wand

added more recipe bench

that all I have for now

v1.3 alpha

added new texture to the top part of the door

added tab for everything in this mod

added more to the deeper

added new boss and castle

fix every block that did not drop and now is will drop all of the block

that all I have for now