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Quick note - You have to enable cheats in your world for some items to work. If you have already created a world without cheats then just go to

Options - Start Lan Server - Allow Cheats.


Ores & Minerals

Virnite - A viridian-coloured ore that allows you to craft simple vanilla tools and armor.

It is good as diamond but harder to craft.

Special Items

Acriscriptures - Acriscriptures are scriptures that you can right click with to cast spells and give yourself a good buff, but they require you to hold down the right click mouse button.

Unenchanted Acriscripture - An acriscripture without any powers

Fire Acriscripture - Summons a fire ball. Punch the fireball to cast it ( ONLY RIGHT CLICK ONCE OTHERWISE YOU BOMB YOURSELF )

Boulder Acriscripture - Turns you into a rock, not receiving any damage but you cannot move while being a rock.

Aero Acriscripture - Makes you less heavier. Runs faster, mine faster and jump higher.

Ghastly Acriscripture - Turns you invisible and gives you nightvision.


Chaos -

Phantom - A teleporting Miniboss. Summons with the Eye of the Gravedigger

Chaotic Assasin - Hard to spot, easy to kill.

Chaotic Knight - Somewhat like a zombie, but hits harder and walks slower.

Chaotic Spirit - Deals tons of damage. Just don't get hit.


There are still more stuffs for you to find out, including chaotic tools that gives you buffs and stuff.

Modification files
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