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Are you feeling bored with the mobs in vanilla minecraft? With MeldingCraft, you can combine two mobs. You can slice mobs in half and combine them into a completely new mob. This mod also add some items that will give you special abilities to your character. There's also a new dimension where the fused mobs lives and there are also some unique structures that can only be found in this dimension. For now you can only slice and combine some mobs, which are: pig, cow, creeper, dolphin, enderman, bee, and villager. We will also add new mobs in future updates.



1. How to craft the slicer.

2. How to combine mobs.

After you craft the slicer, you can search for mobs and left click with the slicer to cut them in half. You can right click the back/legs of the mobs and pick it up (you can't pick up the mob's front/head). Then right click another mob's front/head while holding the back/legs to combine them.


II. Fusion Dimension

There are two ways to enter the dimension
    A. Normal Route:

  • First you need to craft the randomizer using the mob parts you get from the slicer (shapeless craft).

  • You can use the randomizer to change mobs into a random one. (For Example Cow+Pig -> Cow+Dolphin)
  •  - There's a 1% chance that an abomination might appear if you use the randomizer. If you kill the abomination you will get portal blocks. 
  • Craft the portal igniter.

    B. Crafting    :

  • This is the easier of the two method, you can just craft the portal block.

  • Craft the portal igniter (Same as the normal one).


III. Gaining Power


1. Craft a campfire.

2. Slice a mob and pick the back/legs up.

3. Right click on the campfire while holding the back/legs of the mob and you'll cook it. (Right now this only works for the enderman and creeper).

4. Right click again to grab the cooked back/leg and you can eat it to gain power.

5. Press P to use the power.

IV. Riding Mobs

1. You can only ride mobs that has the bottompart/legs of pig/bee.

2. Place saddle on them (Right Click)

3. Ride it.

V. Credits

  • Made with Mcreator
  • Models - Made in Blockbench
  • Screenshot with Sildur's Vibrant Shaders


Its my first mod, feel free to give me some advice / criticism. :) Thanks !

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reminds me of that one old necromancy mod, i can't remember the name but it was that one where you could also combine mobs... except this is. a bit more gruesome, i guess, but it's cool

Ok so... cutting a dolphin in half isn’t rlly that great considering how minecraft is a educational game and dolphins are endangered species? The blood texture also needs more detail but overall a great(and weird) mod

Its horrible but really well made at the same times. Nice, The item textures arent very vanilla though