Gemstone Evolution

Published by CorbCat13 on Sun, 02/28/2021 - 05:01
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Long ago, Minecraft had another dimension. This land was flowing with beauty, life, and ore. Like the Overworld, this dimension had all of the basic ores. But the radiating power from the dimension caused these ores to evolve, making them stronger. These lost ores were so powerful, that they could create very strong weapons and armor. But a dark wizard destroyed the dimension during his quest for power, shattering the dimension and the ores within. And after a long time, these ores have been rediscovered. Like netherite, these ores are not strong enough to exist on their own, but can form with diamond to create powerful armors and weapons. 

This mod brings back the ores that had been lost for centuries. Find these ores and forge them with diamonds to create unstoppable equipment.  This mod is also in its very early stages, so expect more content to be coming out soon.


What is this mod for?

This mod was created just to be a fun mod that expands the basic ores of Minecraft. The goal that is supposed to be in this mod is to get up to the highest set of gemstone. This mod is a fun experiment that I am doing just for fun, and is my first mod that focuses only on expanding the resources you can get in Minecraft. If you want a mod that expands the ores (but in a reasonable way), then this is a mod I would recommend. And its finally back after a while of me not uploading anything throughout the summer. Hopefully I will be able to update this regularly once again.


What's new in 2.1:

-Added Six Lubricants and the Purifier


How to Use the Purifier and Lubricants, and What They Do:
Heya! Its me, CorbCat13, back with another update for this lovely mod. This time, I thought I would write a short (not actually short or one) paragraph about how to use the Purifier, the new workstation, so you would know how to use it before you play. This workstation allows you to be able to purify vanadium, berylite, and ytrite, along with water from each of the three new biomes to make lubricants. Lubricants can add special enchantments to certain items: Red and pink can be used on swords, green and cyan on bows, yellow on chestplates, and orange on helmets. They also each have their own special effect that they add, although they cannot currently stack with eachother: Red brings an extra damage boost, pink brings life steal, orange allows you to set enemies on fire with one touch, yellow gives you strength on each crit along with extra damage for each crit, green propels your enemies into the sky, and blue strikes lightning on your enemies on hit. Here's how to make these wonderful lubricants, how to use the purifier, and how to add lubriants to your items:

As shown in the picture, you can make the pink lubricant from putting a bottle of mineraled water in the top, two crocus petals in the bottom, and one purified vanadium on each side. You can make purified vanadium, berylite, or ytrite from adding one of these in the top and bottom slots, along with a petal of the corresponding biome in each side. Then just click purify. Now for the actual recipes: Red requires one crocus petal in each bottom slot, and one bottle of mineraled water on top; Pink requires the exact same recipe but with one purified vanadium on each side; Green requires one sorel petal in each bottom slot, and one bottle of blue acid on top; Blue requires the exact same recipe but with one purified ytrite on each side; Yellow requires one minth petal in each bottom slot, and one bottle of basaltic sludge on top; and Orange requires the exact same recipe but with one purified berylite on each side. To use these, just pop your desired item in the first slot of the iron forge and the lubricant in the next slot, click forge, and you will have your item with the lovely new enchantment on it! I hope you enjoy these new items, and that they are very useful for you.



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GemstoneEvolution-1.2.jar - Alpha 1.2Uploaded on: 02/28/2021 - 20:28   File size: 437 KB
GemstoneEvolution_1.3_0.jar - Alpha 1.3Uploaded on: 03/02/2021 - 04:58   File size: 441.25 KB
GemstoneEvolution_2.0_0.jar - Beta 2.0Uploaded on: 03/28/2021 - 04:39   File size: 1.05 MB
GemstoneEvolution-2.1.jar - Beta 2.1Uploaded on: 10/18/2021 - 04:02   File size: 1.52 MB


1.1-Amethyst, Ruby, Topaz, and Sapphire; Stone Forge

1.2-Adds Gemstone Slimes

1.3-Updates Texture; Hotfix

2.0-Adds 3 New Ores and Biomes

2.1-Adds Purifier and Lubricants

2.2-Updates New Biomes and Adds New Mobs

2.3-Update Textures; Hotfix