MJ's Animations

Published by supermj767 on Sun, 03/07/2021 - 03:08
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Minecraft Forge mod
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                           This also makes Minecraft 100% funnier xD (great for YouTube videos)




  If your making a video showcasing my mod, please post a link of it in the comments of the curseforge mod page and give me proper credit.

                                                                     Feel free to add to your mod packs.

                                                    I'm not making any fabric versions of this mod so don't ask.

                                                    Don't publish to any other websites without my permission!


                                                     Please suggest new animations in the comments section.

                                                          also report problems in the Issues tab in curseforge



Modification files
MJs Animations {1.15.2FG} (1.0.8).jar - {1.15.2FG} (1.0.8) MJ's Animations108.91 KB
MJs Animations {1.16.4-5FG} (1.0.8).jar - {1.16.4-5FG} (1.0.8) MJ's Animations109.56 KB
MJ's Animations {1.15.2} (1.1.0).jar - {1.15.2FG} (1.1.0) MJ's Animations108.31 KB
MJ's Animations {1.16.4} (1.1.0).jar - {1.16.4-5FG} (1.1.0) MJ's Animations108.96 KB

Cleaned up everything that was not being used and organized every key bind into one category.


Hello I saw that you managed to deactivate the basic minecraft animation I would like to know how you did it if possible thank you