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Published by MMG on Thu, 11/19/2020 - 11:33
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DLC Collection is a mod which improves vanilla by adding DLCs. (This mod is fully free of course, it's just a name) This mod is overall idea how minecraft would look with payed DLCs. 


This mod is not finished so please don't hate, but I would welcome constructive criticism.


Things I know about and must be improved:

- Adding proper bronze and steel upgrade recipes (Waiting on 1.16 port)

- An overhaul for copper, tin, bronze and steel to balance it more, Right now it's unusable in survival and needs some buff.

- Scorpion model

- Some sounds

- Repair dart gun enchantments

-Some textures


Right now this mod contains these DLCs:


-DLC: Enderum: Adding new way of transport

-DLC: Dangers of the sand: Focusing on desert-like content (not including palms and oasis since these are confirmed by mojang)

-DLC: Green forest: Adding 2 new biomes with many new things

-DLC: Bronze and Steel: Adding Bronze and Steel gear (Needs rework)

-DLC: Ender Codex: Adding Ender Codex and some crafting materials (That's all, this DLC has many cut features which were not so vanilla friendly)

-DLC: Explorer's journey: Adding many new biomes (Some are unfinished and will be used in later DLCs)


DLCs to come:

-DLC: Builder's Delight

-Bronze and Steel rework

-DLC: Gift of ancients

-Balance patch

and many more unrevealed!!!


Tutorials: https://mismasjetu.wixsite.com/studios/dlc-collection


About version porting:

This mod is made so when it will be ported to newer versions, you can update your world (not tested yet).

This mod will be ported to newer minecraft versions, just give it some time.

Modification files
DLC_Collection_beta_1.6.jar - Beta 1.6 - Base Pack (More info in changelog)2.97 MB

Check curseforge page for changelog: https://www.curseforge.com/minecraft/mc-mods/dlc-collection