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  • New dimensions, like the Diamond dimension, for example.
  • New blocks, including the Diamond Grass block, Dark Cobblestone block, Fake Lava block, and many, many more.
  • Two new mobs: the Creeper Thorn and Diamond Chicken.
  • Four new biomes in the Overworld: Summer, Fall, Winter, and Spring.
  • Ghost mode [K] puts you in Spectator Mode and takes you back when you press K again.
  • And many, many more changes!

This is in a Pre-Alpha stage, so there may be a lot of bugs. Please report any bugs and/or give me solutions. 



Project status
Latest supported Minecraft version
Modification files
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Version 0.1 Beta (unreleased)

  • Coming Tomorrow!

Version 0.0.4 (sorry for late release)

  • More Crystals
  • Truffluck Potion (turns you into a Truffle Pig)
  • Thirst and Purified Water.

Version 0.0.3 Pre-Alpha

  • Added Crystals (as in cave crystals) They emit light and are translucent.
  • Truffle Pigs are now rideable.
  • Maple Armor

Please note this is the first version of this mod that was developed with 1.9.0, so some things may not work (e.g. Ghost Mode)


Version 0.0.2 Pre-Alpha

  • Added Truffle Mushrooms
  • Added Truffle Pigs, trained to dig up some!
  • Truffle Stew, a truffle and a bowl.a bowl.
  • The Dow works! Yay!

Version 0.0.1 Pre-Alpha

Get ready for this...

  • /dimension command. I mean, it could be buggier when misused.
  • Copper Ore/Ingot/Block
  • Diamond cutter, crafted with 8 Copper Ingots surrounding a furnace. Does not get removed from crafting grid.
  • Using 2 iron, 1 diamond, and a diamond cutter will get you 2 diamonds.
  • Also, using 3 diamond blocks and 1 diamond cutter [must be in the top right corner] will get you a diamond bucket.
  • Diamond buckets work better, requiring diamfluid this time. 
  • Removed Added Herobrine. Please. Just don't summon him in. He's too glitchy.
  • Diamond Block and Ground Tile Armor
  • A way to craft the dow. If you can craft its materials, that is.
  • Revamped Diamond Chicken
  • Ghost Mode overlay now aligned to the bottom left corner. Tutorial on that sooner or later.
  • Made the Dow not work at all! Saved the best for last.

Version 0.0.0 Pre-Alpha

  • Release.


Nice mod :D
Could you explain the features a bit better though?
What does ghost mode do, for example?