Myth's Random Items

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Minecraft Forge mod
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A remake of Everything We Wanted

Designed better, and with more uses, possibly one of the coolest mods you've seen in a bit.

Adding New Machines, New Mechanics, and New Blocks, Myth's Random Items is a player's best friend.

 - Emerald Tools and Armor
 - 6 New Machines (5 working)
 - Static Blocks!


Alpha 2:
 - Charcoal Block
 - New Model for the Sharpener
 - Sharpener Use
 - Obsidian Tool Set
 - Netherite Tool Set??
- Backpacks

CurseForge Link Is Ready!:…
YouTube Devlogs:

Modification files
MythsRandomItemsALPHA_1_1.15.2.jar - 1.15.2 Alpha 11.02 MB

Alpha 1
- Added 5 Types Of Paintings
- Added the Emerald tool and armor set.
- Added The Addendum (Not Finished). Will be granted on spawn.
- Added The Static Charger
- Added The Empowerer
- Added The Crate
- Added the Power Vault (Not Finished)
- Added The Stripper
- Added The Sharpener
- Added Multiple Static Blocks
- Added De-Energized Redstone (No Use Yet)
- Added The Enddo tree, with leaves, a log, and a stripped variant.
- Added Bark for respective logs.

Im currently creating a devlog video where i explain everything currently in the mod!
Also hoping to post to CurseForge after the video is done