Ninja Tech

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Adds 10 new ninja items to Minecraft! The items are:


A melee weapon that does about 4 damage and has 200 duribility.

Nunchucks Recipe


They are a melee weapon that does about 2 damage and has infinite durability. Can be thrown.

Kama Recipe


A little knife that can be thrown. Deals about 4 damage

Kunai Recipe

Roped Kunai

A little knife that can be thrown 20 times before breaking. Deals about 2 damage

Roped Kunai


Thrown. Deals about 5 damage.

Shuriken Recipe


Shoots darts. Does about 5.5 Damage

Blowgun Recipe


Ammunition for a blowgun.

Darts Recipe

Smoke Bomb

Explodes and the user gains 30 seconds of invisibility, speed, and jump boost

Smoke Bomb Recipe


Move to the location of the bullet. Requires a Lead to fire.

Grapple Recipe

Powder Bundles

Use any flower to change the effects of the bundle. They are the same as a suspicious stew. If the effect is useful to you, hold right-click to use. If harmful, use right-clicks to throw. You get the rabbit hide back after use.

Powder Bundle Recipe

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