Lazy Miner Mod

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Do you have thousands of chests with cobblestone? Are you too lazy to go mine for ores? Then this mod is for you!
Change your cobblestone to ores with the blocks in this mod!


  • Ore Generator
    • This is blocks makes coal, iron, gold and redstone from cobblestone. To make this machine work, you must need energy, cobblestone and a Precision Pickaxe like in the image below.Ore Generator GUI


  • Precision Pickaxe
    • This item is needed for an ore generator to work. There's different tiers of this pickaxes, if it costs more, it will last more and work faster.
  • Coal Energy Generator
    • This block makes energy from coal.
  • Solar Panel
    • Use the sun to make energy.
  • Energy Meter
    • Right Click on a block to measure Energy and Energy Rate
  • Wires
    • This are "better than nothing" wires. I highly recommend using other mod's wires because this ones work very different. Below you can see an image of how they work.



It only requieres forge to make this mod work. The link of dowload is this:

Windows Installation

  • Download the file
  • Press Windows Key + R and type "%Appdata%".
  • Go to .minecraft and the to the mods folder.
  • Click and drag the file of the mod to the folder

Mac Installation

  • Download the file
  • Go to /Library/Application Support/Minecraft/mods folder
  • Click and drag the file of the mod to the folder


If you have any question or any suggestion, please comment below.

Modification files
lazyminerv1.0.jar - Initial release of the modUploaded on: 03/11/2021 - 02:22   File size: 384.98 KB


Initial Release

Hey, nice mod! I loved the wires and the energy transport system. How did you do this in mcreator? Im very curious