Under Water Biomes

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The Mod Expands The Oceans by 6 New Biomes
z.b Warped Biome,Crimson Biome ,GrassLand Obsidan Biome and more

Further updates are planned

Planned Updattes

- More Biome

- New mobs

- New ores

- New tools

- New armor

And more

If you like the mod then leave a vote there and write me your ideas and wishes in the comments




Modification files
Under Water Biomes 1.16.5 BETA.jar - Under Water Biomes 1.16.5 BETAUploaded on: 04/01/2021 - 19:10   File size: 89.49 KB
Ocean Biomes the Biomes Update.jar - Ocean Biomes The Biomes UpdateUploaded on: 04/04/2021 - 18:54   File size: 197.93 KB
Under Water Biomes Mob Update_0.jar - Under Water Ocean Biomes Mob UpdateUploaded on: 04/29/2021 - 17:58   File size: 306.1 KB

- added 6 new Ocean Biomes

- added 1 new block

- added 2 new Structures

Mob Update

- added  Under Water Alpha Biome

- added Evil Fish

-added Water Cow

-added Zombie Fish

-added Warped And Crimson Fish

-added Zombie Cod

-added Crimson Drowned

-added Skeleton Fish

-added Alpha Grass Block



this looks better, can u add a crabs, some fishes and some new water mobs?