You Are Herobrine Mod!

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[YAH] You Are Herobrine Mod!!!

Here is A Video:


Coming Later Today!


I Created this Mod Because the Original developer was not continuing this mod and I saw a lot of the community wanting it back! So I Created it! Get Ready World! This is an awesome Mod!

I added very few tweaks! Please put ideas and reviews below!




  • Many of the Features from the Original You Are Herobrine Mod!
  • Steve Returns
  • New Type of Villager called Villager 2! This makes it more challenging to find Corazon! The Villager 2 and Steve only spawn in the Herobrine Biome!
  • New Command/Cheat //spawnsteve this can be used to spawn steve if you don't want to look for him! There is no command for spawning villagers though! Also The Crafting recipe for the Steve Egg is modified and easier to get so you can spawn him legitly with out needing to find Steve!
  • Evil Diamond and Evil Diamond Tools
  • Corazon and Corazon Tools/Armor
  • Corazon Ingot
  • Necronomicon I, II, and III (In The Future IV and V)
  • Steve Soul
  • Steve Head
  • Herobrine Head
  • New Herobrine Dimension! (Steve and Villagers spawn)

​Crafting Recipes!

Skin Book:

Flesh Stick

Evil Flesh Stick

Invisible Dust

Necronomicon I

Necronomicon II

Necronomicon III

Spawn Steve Egg!

Evil Diamond Matter

Evil Diamond

Steve Head

Herobrine Head

Corazon Ingot

Tools and ARMOR!!!!!

Corazon Armor

Corazon Sword

Items used:

2 Corozon Ingots, Flesh Stick

Evil Diamond Sword

Items Used:

2 Evil Diamonds, Evil Flesh Stick!

Herobrine's Tool

Items used:

Steve Soul, 3 Evil Diamonds, and 1 Evil Flesh Stick!

Hope You Like The Mod! Add Requests Below!!!



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This mod looks really unique. Good mod idea, and well executed!!! 9/10