Night Box Mod

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I just added everything I wanted.

Added 7 ores - bronze, salt, red diamond, shaderite, fantasium, combusrite, silicon

Added 4 crops - chili, rice, cabbage, bowl tree

Added 3 dimensions - shade (packed ice, cooler), vulcanus (space distortioner), dream world (bed, sleeping pill)

Added 3 dimensions and 24 biomes - shade:5, vulcanus:6, dream world:5, overworld:1

Added 28 foodstuffs - cooked squid, chocolate, etc.

Added 8 artifacts and 4 ultimate tools - eye of vulcanus, soul string, fantasium mask, ect

Added 18 mobs - frost, cureeper, boar, ect

Languages: English, Korean


Modification files
NightBox.jarUploaded on: 04/25/2021 - 06:41   File size: 15.78 MB