Shinobi Life (Season 2)

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this mod brings some naruto and bijuus characters to your minecraft.

Most of them are obtained with your scrolls.

I recommend that you use a mod that can show you the crafting.

The mod includes Naruto, Sakura, Sasuke, Hinata, Itachi, Naruto Hokague, Zabuza, Kakashi, Minato, Jiraiya and tsunade
This is the page that follows shinobi life (season 1)

Season 1:

Modification files
Shinobi Life 1.6.3.jar - Sakura Forest, Sakura Flowers, flute recipe, chakra ore andUploaded on: 04/25/2021 - 23:01   File size: 1.2 MB

New biome! 

Sakura Forest

Chakra Ore