Zombie Pigman Returns

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They're back! After being replaced by the new Zombified Piglin, they felt a bit sad because they were one of the classic mobs. (And yes, I know that Zombified Piglin is supposed to be an updated version of the pigmen, but still)


This mod adds in Zombie Pigmen as a separate entity. They spawn where Zombified Piglin do which are the Crimson Forest and Nether Wastes biomes. Their health, defense, group and strength are pretty much alike to the Zombified Piglin. They can even drop a classic gold nugget! (Heck, I even saw one drop it's sword when it died)


Things I want to change in the near future:

Making them do the zombie pose. (If you know how to do it, then please comment about it down below)

Perhaps make a baby version of them.

And make them NOT spawn on top of the nether wart tree things!


And with that, hope you enjoy the mod and seeing these guys again in modern times.

Modification files
Zombie Pigman Returns 1.0.0.jar - Download for 1.16.5Uploaded on: 05/02/2021 - 15:56   File size: 27.79 KB
  • 1.0.0

Added in the Zombie Pigman, obviously.