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Sorry for my english and traductions In-Game, I speak spanish and I use the traductor.

Hello, this is my first mod that I do, if there is any problem you can comment me and I will try to change it.

My mod focuses on improving the end, adding a new ore, new plants like trees, mushrooms and plants, new islands with cool things and a new type of ship.

The enderite ore works the same as the netherite, but some crafts change, to make the enderite ingot you need 4 enderite scrap and 4 diamond.

To make the TNT miner, you need a block of powder, which is made with 4 of normal powder. To make the TNT, you must do the crafting of the normal TNT but with the blocks

I have made new ending mobs, I am also working to make another final boss...

Carbon on the end with the texture of the 1.17

Lakes of toxic water, do not go in or you may suffer negative effects (although you will not die)!

New food, the abissal leaf, you can eat this and cook whit this, you can found this leafs in the plants.

- Adds 1 more type of ore.

- Adds 3 more types of foods.

- Adds 2 more types of fuel.

- Adds 4 mobs.

- Adds 2 weapons.

- Adds 4 tools.

- Adds 6 more types of plants.

- Adds 1 more type of tree.

- Adds 1 armor.

- Adds 16 new types of structures (some are decoration).

- Adds a new TNT.

- Adds 2 new bosses.

- Adds 3 new commands.


Don't use in survival

1º /travelsurface - tp to the surface

2º /travelnether - tp to the nether

3º /travelend - tp to the end


Obsidian Zombie: Put a block of obsidian, on top put a zombie head. The obsidian zombie will be generated, when you kill it it will give you an obsidian tear, currently it has no functions.

Ender knight: Put two iron blocks and one of gold on top. When you kill the mob it will give you a crown that does not currently function.

Modification files
EnderiteMod 1.2.4 V2 1.16.5.jarUploaded on: 05/20/2021 - 11:20   File size: 6.31 MB
EnderiteMod 1.2.4 1.16.5_1.jarUploaded on: 05/20/2021 - 11:20   File size: 6.31 MB
EnderiteMod 1.2.3 1.16.5_2.jar - BugsUploaded on: 05/20/2021 - 11:21   File size: 6.3 MB
EnderiteMod 1.2.2 1.16.5_3.jarUploaded on: 05/20/2021 - 11:21   File size: 6.27 MB

1.2.1 --> Adds the Ender knight and the ender zombi. Adds a new item, Crown of the knight.

1.2.2 --> Fix MANY bugs ;) (thanks to my friend Damuve_29 for help me). I traduce the mod, now the lenguages avaible are spanish (Spain) and english (US).

1.2.3 --> Fix the TNT miner (but then, I realized that in the end there was a mistake).

1.2.4 --> Fix the skeleton texture and fix the bug in the end of the anterior version.

1.2.4 V2 --> Fix a little bug.


Cool idea to add more stuff to the End dimension. A few suggestions:

-I like the new biomes and decorations, but water of anykind in the end just feels wrong. Love the new decorations though!

-Most of the textures are just recolored vanilla textures, as somebody already mentioned

-The name and crafting sytem to enderite is remarkably similar to netherite from 1.16 (Elderich, Onyx, and Voidstone are my name suggestions)

-Mabye try creating more original creatures. The ender-variant monsters are cool, but mods are always better if they have more original content

I like all your ideas. I think when I can get on with the mod, I'll rename the enderite, and maybe the crafting mode as well. About the water thing, I don't know what you mean, do you want me to add more types of water or change the texture? Now I was working on new mods and changing textures and models of the current ones. I will change the textures last because I have little imagination and little patience to make them acceptable.

Some people aren't that good at making textures (like me) so recoloring/modifying Vanilla textures can make the mod seem more like actual Minecraft. I personally do like custom textures more, but I don't have anything against people who recolor/modify Vanilla textures.

Making your own textures is a great way to learn pixel art skills for other mods or even other game-related stuff, while using vanilla textures can make a mod seem low-quality (since a lot of people use recolors). There's nothing inherently bad about vanilla Minecraft's textures, but custom ones drastically improve the visual quality of a mod as well as provide you with a great skill if you're willing to take the time to learn it.