Deadlocked Mode

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Shadowdragon - (code stuff)
don't - luminous crystal sprites
Patchouli - Arachnophobia texture
ItzFred - inferno block texture
BananaNugetz - possibly future icon

So, hello random user visiting that mod page!
That mod is quite interesting. I mean,
it adds several new mechanics.

General Changes

Ender Crystals shoots by lazers in player.
Iron Bars now can't be destroyed by anything except TNT. (in The End)
Milk Buckets in player's inventory near Elder Guardian will devastated.
Wither will slowly regenerate hp.

Is that enough? No? Okay then.


World Changes

In caves might generate Web Caves, dark caves filled with cobweb and spiders.
In Nether top layer of bedrock is replaced by Netherrack.
In top layer of Nether generates new biome: Inferno Omegas

That mod is currently in alpha state but I think that's enough content for first version! ^^

Mod made by MCreator*
Modification files
deadlocked_mode-1.0.0_1.16.5.jar - 1.0.0Uploaded on: 05/18/2021 - 11:40   File size: 603.78 KB