dark age reborn

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Dark age Reborn.


This mod is the dark age mod that created from old account how it will change bit more from old account that I can not access because of old email was hacked so please understand this.



Dark age Reborn.


Is world that feeling of own Darkness of your heart that be corrupted by glitch that feels in own heart however it not easy to find the light want however you will be corrupt in your heart to feel the darkness that try to control of power in darkness.



Help YouTube channel.




The mod is not easy to understand me but more that have played however if want better understand me you can check it out my mod by my YouTube channel and my English or Netherlands are both bad in testing please go my YouTube and you can better understand there I have problem with reading and texting because of handicap I have even say otherwise it not same as you think please understand me.




Contact me if want help me.


Also if the procedures that I make in my video or how I can write it in the mod it is not perfect it is not great and it's not easy for me to understand anything about it if you have any other problems with that I cannot fix it quite well if you want to help me please contact me on this discord in call only if don't want to call please understand me this you can call me and if don't want to use mic then you can simple do chat if not don't want that don't bothering me because I don't want to have a wasting time. 





Information about mod.


Anything that I can write it in the mod and I cannot explain it about it please you can only understand if you want to check it out on my YouTube channel if you don't like what I just said then please I've advised you to understand what I'm trying to say because I am bad with explaining in the details of a simple text and want more information about mod you better playing it or check out the YouTube.




Mod requires need to play it 


Just enough items ( jei ) 




Use or not use mod 


Optilfine - optiforge  if want use shaders on 1.16.5 

Optilfine -  optiforge  if want use shaders on 1.17.1


cmd /music biome 

Modification files
dark age rebron 1.8.3.jarUploaded on: 10/20/2021 - 11:18   File size: 8.37 MB
dark age rebron 1.8.9.jarUploaded on: 11/01/2021 - 13:05   File size: 8.14 MB
dark age rebron 1.9.1.jarUploaded on: 11/06/2021 - 09:01   File size: 7.64 MB


there fix some bugs but i add new things 


there star gun as want use for reload gun then use keybind R and there models and mods but not sure 100% if like it so let me know 


drops are fix let me know is good 


there new ore add and new blocks as also new bookself 


drops now fix better now and new particle effect call fatal error 


i add something in the curseloot bag you familiar cross play game but need find out self 


the loot bag is fix more better 


new tools as new armor and new items as also 3 new painting


new biome call digi forest as also tools are fix  and in biome can have old ores that made you find in new biome too also the biome is not yet done so there be new thing add soon but can play also let me know there bug so can fix it 


there is new mod however can't animation even say how have to it still canot get it so leave mod name dummyhulk zombie in that if want help me call on discord only will talk on that way for other way i don't do it all 


in the digi forest  there are now trees so you can get now 


there new ore with 3 type new goal i hope can say name of ore and items also block want not easy say it but it come from game like kingdom heart 


there new mod however will not work so easy on you


is lot of changing and two mods how there same mods only different by the darknessplay true that is hard to beat him 


radioactive radioactive radioactive  new stone 


forge update 


there new thing that you can craft aslo new stuff mods be fix more better 


i update the texture for biome the shadow biome as new music in the mod of biome 


now add backpack as you can fish in my mod want goal add 


shadow realm new world with biome call sadness you go how don't get lost 


undead armor up as tools up 


new blocks and new items


new tools new ore new armor new blocks 


new block you can find in the end and drops are fix on mods 


fix some things 


i fix more as new blocks and item and it on release


now update to 1.17.1