Wesley's Roguelike Dungeons Remake

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The current size of the mod is too big for uploading on this website so you can only find the latest versions on curseforge.
I also seem to need a description longer than 350 characters so I am going to write down a few random words like tricycle, bandage, wallpaper, calender, clock and ketchup bottle.. am I there yet?
I hope so


Modification files
This is not the mod.jar - The mod is on curseforge. This is not the right one. (File was too big)Uploaded on: 06/27/2021 - 19:14   File size: 12.64 KB

Hello, is it normal that a dungeon has been generated that has the miniboss but not the main boss? The second dungeon I spawned was Mines and Tombs came on the second and last floor. I used spectator mode but I couldn't find it either. The dungeon had neither the main boss nor the "Secret Room" (1.16.5 version)

How did you create the procedurally generated dungeons? I'm trying to do something for my own mod where it generates hallways and rooms next to each other at random but it doesn't work

I'm amazed with the part that you show : "The Mines" and "The Magma Chamber". Keep it up!

An amazing remake of a great exploration mod :D Every time you make a mod, it's always amazing!

Waaaaaaw Best mod i have ever seen. You've really put a lot of time into it. and this has even a railer.
Goooooooooooooooood job

So great to see, will you also remake infinite dungeon?