Server Battle

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Minecraft Forge mod
Latest supported Minecraft version

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Put this mod on a server and battle with your friends, compete for the coin streak record out in the open world, or fight bosses! Intended for a server, but can be played in singleplayer. Make sure to share this file to all people in the server in order for it to work. Also, make sure the difficulty is NOT in peaceful, or the game won't work. Keep cheats off, and it automatically sets you in adventure mode even if you set it to creative.

Modification files
ServerBattle-1.0.0.jar - Initial Release934.97 KB
ServerBattle- 1.0.1.jar - Bugfixes- Tazer, Boss kills972.18 KB
ServerBattle- 1.2.0.jar - Much added content- more characters and bosses, and minor bugfixes1.25 MB