Slime Rancher Craft

Published by nezila nez on Thu, 07/22/2021 - 12:11
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Minecraft Forge mod
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Slime Rancher Craft is a Forge mod that adds content from Slime Rancher to Minecraft. At now you can find here interesting slimes, items and blocks. Every slime has unique drop, behavior and spawn. Slime Rancher Craft will help diversify the gameplay, help with decoration in your house and will give you hours of interesting gameplay. Slime Racnher Craft not to go far from the vanilla style of minecraft and will try to avoid textures in high resolution. Our motto is that any object should have an unusual application and we strive for this. Mod in development so if you find a bug, or you got some ideas tell me in discord Nezila#2046.

below you can see what kind of slimes you can meet and will meet in the next updates

Open Alpha 1.0
- Pink Slime
- Tabby Slime
- Rock Slime
- Hunter Slime
- Fire Slime
Open Alpha 2.0
- Phosphor Slime
- Honey Slime
Open Alpha 3.0
- Puddle Slime
Open Alpha 4.0 (Not released yet)
Quicksilver Slime
- Tangle Slime

Soon you can get new methods of using plorts

If you want to talk with other players of this mod i have discord server

Modification files

Open Alpha 3.1

-Rock Slime Summon item texture was changed
-Puddle Slime texture was fixed
-If you combine Puddle plort and 3 bottles you get 3 water bottles
-If you combine Puddle plort and empty bucket you get water bucket
The number of puddle slimes in the group has been reduced
-Puddle slimes are now less spawning
-Puddle slimes now can spawn in all deep ocean variants