Everything and nothing, the mod.

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Welcome, it's my new mod and today, i will show you a mod where i do "everything and nothing" (really like in the title) here is the list of items, blocs and Biome in the mod! (notice than if you have idea for something you want to saw in the mod, you can ask me on my discord or in the mod comment (Varazius.exe#8621).

-1 machine (Bronze Smelting Machine)

-1 Biome (Sakura)
-3 new ores (Bronze, nodule and Trytanium)

-4 heal items (Bandage, First aid kit, Pills and painkiller)

-2 special stick (Fire stick and Explosive Wand {creative only})

And more ;). 

Ok, it's not the bigger mod but i repeat, if you want to Help me, you can give me idea, and if i anwser, it means i will implement your idea! So thank you again and i hope you will like my mod, goodbye! 


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Everything and nothing, the mod.jar - First VersionUploaded on: 08/01/2021 - 18:57   File size: 3.84 MB