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This mod adds 3 new bosses the sandstone golem, the queen bee, and the wraith. Section:1 the sandstone golem - the sandstone golem spawns in badlands have 120 hp and they drop a gold block. Section:2 the queen bee - queen bees spawn in flower forests and have 95 hp they cant poison you though. They drop a special honey bottle that when drank gives you slow falling and luck the effects last for 2 minutes. Section:3 the wraith - the wraith is actually a minecraft dungeons mob reworked into a boss it has 165 hp and spawns at night in birch forest biomes and dark oak forest biomes they drop wraith bones that can craft a souless bow that uses spectral arrows as ammo and when hit mobs are hit with the arrows the mob gets wither. That's really it for this mod feel free to leave any feedback or bugs.

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bosses 1.16.5.jar - .Uploaded on: 08/08/2021 - 19:48   File size: 137.43 KB