Firefly Mod Alpha 1.0.1

Submitted by wi3zap on Fri, 08/01/2014 - 19:08
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Welcome to the official MCreator topic for "Firefly Mod Alpha 1.0.1"

A technical mod made with MCreator and some java editing.

 Inspired on Forestry. Firefly texture by Twilight Forest


Farm blocks and ores can be difficult. This mod adds more then 22 fireflies.

Fireflies have the ability to change to a block or an item.

To get those fireflies, simply go to a biome and use your Firefly Net to catch them.

Once you have a firefly, you can right click it on the Worker, a new machine.

This machine will transform your firefly into an item or a block.

Which item or block? It depends which firefly you have. You might have a Very Common firefly, it will give you a

bad block/item or you might have a Rare firefly, which will give you a good item/block!

Your mission is to catch them...

Types of Fireflies, ores and recipes

The most common firefly is the "Firefly". You can find this firefly in almost any biome.

Some other common fireflies are "Swamp Firefly, Mining Firefly, Spruce Firefly, Ocean Firefly, Jungle Firefly"......

But, if you're lucky, you can find Rare Fireflies, like the "Diamond Firefly"

To see all the existing fireflies, open the Firefly Mod tab.

There's also a new ore, the "Glowing Ore", that drops "Glowing Nuggets".

You can use glowing nuggets for the new machine, "Worker".

The main item you must craft to get started is the Firefly Net.

Usage of the worker and how to use Fireflies

Simply right click your firefly on the "Worker". I will give you a block or an item.

You will find what block/item you will get in this topic.

Fireflies and biomes

Here's the list of the common fireflies and the biome where you can get them.

Firefly: Plains and almost any biome

Desert Firefly: Desert

Forest  Firefly: Forest Biome

Frozen Firefly: Ice Biome

Jungle Firefly: Jungle Biome

Mesa Firefly: Mesa Biome

Ocean Firefly: Ocean

Swamp Firefly: Swampland

Mushroom Firefly: Mushroom Island

Now try to find rare fireflies!

How to install the mod

-  Download Forge from // (Use the latest version for 1.7.10) and install it; if you don't know hot to do it, download the installer version

- If you want to support the creator, click this link // , or download the mod from the download section of this topic

- Move the mod to the Mods folder in %appdata%/.minecraft/mods

- Select the Forge profile in Minecraft



- Choose a biome where you can get a firefly

- Craft a Firefly Net

- Right click in the air and you have a chance to get a firefly (10 uses for one net)

- Craft a Worker

- Right click your firefly on the worker

On the next updates/Bugs

This is an alpha version.

+ More fireflies

+ GUI interface for the Worker

+ More machines for firefly mutation

+ A new biome with limited fireflies

+ Italian traduction

- Bugs

This is a list of bugs and glitches that i already know:

- Sometimes, when you right click the Firefly Net or you ure the Worker, the inventory bar gets glitched for a second; Still working on a fix

- The mod doesn't allow you to catch a firefly in sub-biome (example: In the forest you get the Forest Firefly, in Birch Firest you won't get anything); Going to add sub-biomes in the next updates

There's an easter egg. Write in the comments if you can see it :)



Write in the comments any idea for new Fireflies or new machines or write bugs.

Thanks for downloading and playing with Fireflies.


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Submitted by Klemen on Sun, 08/03/2014 - 09:50

Nice mod with nice description! Keep up the good work!

Nice... I Will Take A Look And If I Like I Make A Mod Showcase And Tell PopularMMOS and DanTDM To Take A Look To The Mod!

Maby you can make a machine to breed fireflies! Once the baby grows up, you can use it in the machine. But it must take some time for the baby to grow, and you can only breed 3 times with each firefly. I hope you like my idea!

Submitted by wi3zap on Sun, 08/10/2014 - 17:07

@GonzaCrafter Crash with 1.7.2? The mod is made for 1.7.10

Submitted by Danek on Mon, 08/11/2014 - 09:04

Change the texture and it is similar to the texture of fashion twilight forest