Coin Add(Closed)

Published by DEFAYRUS on Mon, 08/23/2021 - 06:38
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Minecraft Forge mod
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CoinAdd-Mod for version 1.16.5. This mod adds a system for exchanging jewelry in the bank for coins, and vice versa. You can see the rate on the screenshot. The coin seems to be the only currency so far, but in future updates we may add new coins from iron, gold, diamonds and even netherite. Bank block, in where all the operations take place. In the first slot you can put iron \ gold \ diamond and get coins in the second slot and back. Buttons are made to select what to convert to.
In future updates, we want to make a convenient mod for role-playing games.

Modification files
Coinadd.jar - Version 0.1 b100.4 KB

Patch 0.1 a
Fixed bug with non-logic procedure

Patch 0.1 b
Fixed bugs with incorrect conversion of currency into diamonds, iron and gold.