Renaissance & Revolution

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A vanilla styled mod featuring guns, automation, apparel, and more.
Renaissance & Revolution
 is a mod project started earlier this year which aims to add vanilla appropriate features of automation, transportation, apparel, firearms, and more into the world of Minecraft. It features 4 different guns, many fun hats, useful block tools, flight & air movement vehicles, and much more added content to come in future updates.



Don't just craft them all- think before you shoot! There are many weapons to choose from in the mod, and all of them have their own pros and cons.


Essentially the equivalent of a pirate-era flintlock. Does the least damage of all of the guns, but has the shortest cooldown. Uses iron nuggets.


A pistol similar to the Bootstrapper, but one that has much more durability and shoots far faster. However, it does incredibly less damage than all other weapons. Uses iron nuggets.

Musket/Hunting Rifle

A longer rifle with a long cooldown, but the highest direct damage. Uses iron nuggets.


A blunderbuss inspired weapon that launches a larger area of bullets and shrapnel. Uses flint.


The biggest and most powerful gun in the mod. Has an extremely long cooldown, but bombs from the gun explode upon impact and deal massive damage & knockback. Uses cannonbombs.


A throwable bomb that has the same explosion as the Handcannon.


Shoots clouds that light enemies ablaze. Uses bottles of Dragon's Breath.


Printing Press

Used to clone written books with empty books and ink.

Turtle Bank

Convenient wallet to store coins.


An easier way to trade items between two players using buyer/seller input slots.

Salt Ore

An ore inside of sand which is used with charcoal to create gunpowder.


Artifact found inside of the Totem Palace.

Items, Armor, & Transportation

Gatling Gun

A gun that can be ridden and moved around that requires no ammo (shift+rmb to fire).


A faster variation of the boat with a small inventory (shift+rmb to access).

Air Balloon

A balloon with a basket attached to transport people across the air (tap space to move up).


A parachute that can be used to slow your fall and land safely to the ground (hold R to activate parachute).


Crafting material used to create Air Balloons.


Two added music discs found in naturally generated structures.

Ravager Horn

A horn that can be collected from ravagers that makes a loud sound.


A brass horn that plays a melodic tune.


An ore used to create gunpowder.

Salted Foods (includes all meat types)

Has less nutritional value, but gives more overall saturation and is consumed far faster than normal meat. Can be applied to all meat types.


A player currency that can be used to create simple economies.


Ammo for the Handcannon.

Rocket Boots

Boots that allow you to float in the air by holding space.

Captains Hat

Apparel item.


Apparel item.

Brimmed Cap

Apparel item.

Hard Hat

Apparel item.

Bowler Hat

Apparel item.


Modification files
renaissance_revolution_1.1.0_build6.jar - Latest File - Version MB
renaissance_revolution_1.0.0_build2.jar - Mod Download - Version MB
  • Added Gatling Gun
  • Added Dinghy
  • Added Revolver
  • Added Breathblower
  • Added Bomb
  • Added new structure (Totem Palace)
  • Added Totem
  • Added smoke particles upon firing weapon (excluding Bomb and Breathblower)
  • Added ability to salt meat foods (steak, pork, chicken, rabbit, mutton, cod, salmon)
  • Added "Mr. Musa" advancement (achieved upon attaining 64+ coins)
  • Added "Big Iron" advancement (achieved upon attaining revolver)
  • Added "Professional Caravan" advancement (achieved upon using Dinghy storage)
  • Added Turban
  • Added Beret
  • Added integration with Wastelands of Baedoor
  • Changed Air Balloon control system (tap space to go up for 3 seconds, then glide back down)

Wow, looks awesome and pretty vanilla-friendly, and the features planned sound great :o (some of the images don't load though, so just letting you know) +1 upvote
If you would like to make it compatibile with my mod, we could make it that shooting with your guns would also make player earn firearm experience which my mod count. If you would like that and prefer Discord to not spam this topic with messages, you can send me message there (Toma400#9987) ^^

You're mod mod looks sick!! And i adore that its vanilla styled. We need more mods like this!
100% is going to be MOTW!!

+1 upvote