Nether Survival

Published by Lukvi on Mon, 09/13/2021 - 02:02
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Nether Survival is the mod that allows you to have a life of survival, even living in Hell itself. From crafting using netherrack, to finding irons or diamonds. Besides making boots that allow you to walk on lava, or have a high chance of getting blown up by a fire creeper.

Some important items for your game are:

- Respawn Wand

Allows you to save your respawn point if you die, as well as a bed.

- Wither Skeleton Bone

Allows you to create Black bone powder, which when used on Glowstone, will get sulfur.

- Sulfur

The only way to get Cobblestone right. When mixing with Netherrack. It's fundamental.


*Recommended use of JEI: Just Enough Items.

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you should put more features in the description, also a lot of these concepts are fixed by some other way in the 1.16 update, which is the version your mod is in, it also seems like there are two extra items to get cobblestone