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Published by ktoto+++ on Thu, 09/16/2021 - 17:07
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This modification is still in the alpha development stage, but at the moment one mob has already been added and it has really been worked out.

This is Boggord and his child.

Boggords can be cut with scissors. And you can also remove the snow from the back with a shovel.

You can milk boggards, but they will weaken and will not be able to reproduce, and you will need to wait to milk them again. In addition, boggords cannot give milk or offspring while they are trimmed or there is snow on their backs. Boggards can be bred with the help of mountain buds. Mountain buds are found in boggord habitats in the mountains and snowy mountains. At this point, this modification exhausts itself, BUT it is always the ALPHA who thinks about what will happen next. The discord of the server of this mod -


okay, these textures and models are amazing, if you keep with the hard work it can be a MOTW candidate. Good Job!

I haven't played the mod, but followed how you created this mob. I think the mod turned out to be very cool. I wish you the best of luck developing the mod.

MAN! This mod is sick! Loving the variation on the mobs. This fits soo well to mine crafts ascetic! :D

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The first wool block recipe is useless, because you can make wool from just 4 strings, and you get 2 from the other recipe.