Vanilla expansion

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Project status
In development
Modification type
Minecraft Forge mod
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This mod improves differents aspects of Minecraft Vanilla and aims to add survival-friendly features


Biomes improves:

•All forests (Taiga, dark oak forest, birch forest, oak forest)


•Snowy biomes




Wood fences and gates:

Fences made of logs and have the same texture as barked trees with relative fence gates. They are perfect for building


New types of barrels:

I've created some aesthetic barrels with some material inside (cod, salmon, apples, raw iron, raw copper and raw gold) or empty.

To craft these blocks in survival mode just need to right click an empty barrel with the corresponding item 


Bronze tools and copper in 1.16:

The mod also adds a new set of tools: the bronze tools. These items are created by linking the Iron tool with a copper Ingot in a smithing table , for this reason are stronger than Iron but weaker than diamond (at the moment there isn't the armor but I'm going to add it soon). To make this feature possible I've add the copper in 1.16.5 waiting for Mcreator 1.17


Modification files
Vanilla improved.mcworld - Mod download34.36 KB

Why is the mod file a .mcworld?
It looks really nice but I can't test it :|