Limbic Elements

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Limbic Elements is a mod that primarily focuses on Limbo, the dimension between the other dimensions.


  • Limbo stone - Spawns in Limbo
  • Limbium Ore - Spawns in Limbo, drops Limbium Spheres when mined
  • Mithril Ore - Spawns at low elevations in the Overworld
  • Void Crystal Ore - Spawns at low elevations in the Overworld
  • Limbium Block - Made of nine Limbium Ingots (works for a Beacon base)
  • Awakened Limbium Block - Made of nine Awakened Limbium Ingots (works for a Beacon base)
  • Mithril Block - Made of nine Mithril Ingots (works for a Beacon base)
  • Void Crystal Block - Made of nine Void Crystals (works for a Beacon base)
  • Machine Base - Used to build all machines, made using a Limbium Core, four Iron Ingots, and four Redstone
  • Lightning Inducer - Summons lightning when right clicked
  • Enthric Witherer - Uses Bone Dust to make Wither Dust
  • Block Breaker - Breaks blocks above it (can't break bedrock)
  • Elemental Repurposer - Used to obtain Dark Matter
  • Cobblestone Generator - Adds a block of cobblestone to your inventory
  • Particle Acelerator - Duplicates Diamonds, Gold, Iron, Coal, Redstone, Emeralds, Mithril, Limbium, Awakened Limbium, Void Crystals, and Lapis that is in your Inventory
  • Accelerator Charger - Arrange four Accelerator Chargers adjacent to an Accelerator Charge Accepter
  • Accelerator Charge Accepter - Place a Particle Accelerator on top of the ACA once the Accelerator Chargers are in place
  • Concentrated Dark - Four Dark Matter and four Essence around a block of Limbo stone
  • Solid Dark - Four Dark Cores and four Concentrated Dark around an Essence


  • Mithril Ingot - Smelt Mithril ore
  • Void Crystal - Dropped from Void Crystal Ore
  • Reinforced Stick - Surround a stick with four cobblestone
  • Essence - Used to make Mob Heads and other things
  • Empowered Essence - Dropped from the Essence of Darkness
  • Bone Dust - Two Bones makes sixteen Bone Dust
  • Wither Dust - Obtained from an Enthric Witherer
  • Withered Bone - Craft using a Bone and eight Wither Dust, eight Wither Bones and an Essence can craft a Wither Skull
  • Limbium Ingot - Smelt Limbium Spheres
  • Limbium Sphere - Dropped from Limbium Ore
  • Limbium Tools - Craft normal tools using Limbium Ingots as the material and a reinforced stick as the handle
  • Limbium Armor - Craft normal armor using Limbium Ingots as the material
  • Essence of Darkness spawn egg - Spawn egg, unobtainable unless you are in creative
  • Shadow spawn egg - Spawn egg, unobtainable unless you are in creative
  • Limbic Igniter - Used to open the portal to Limbo, crafted with an Essence, four Mithril Ingots, and four Void Crystals
  • Limbium Core - Used to craft Machine Basses and Dark Cores, craft using four Gold Ingots, Four Essence, and an Limbium Sphere
  • Dark Core - Craft using four Dark Matter, four Void Crystals, and a Limbium Core
  • Particle Aceleration Core - Craft using four Empowered Essence, four Mithril Ingots, and a Dark Core, used to craft a Particle Acelerator
  • Dark Matter - Obtain by right clicking an Elemental Repurposer
  • Mithril Nugget - One Mithril Ingot crafts nine Mithril Nuggets
  • Limbium Nugget - One Limbium Ingot crafts nine Limbium Nuggets
  • Awakened Limium Nugget - One Awakened Limbium Ingot crafts nine Awakened Limbium Nuggets
  • Awakened Limbium Ingot - Surround a Empowered Essence with eight Limbium Ingots to get eight Awakened Limbium Ingots (It also needs some of your blood)
  • Mithril Tools - Craft normal tools using Mithril Ingots as the material
  • Mithril Armor - Craft normal armor using Mithril Ingots as the material
  • Awakened Limbium Tools - Craft normal tools using Awakened Limbium Ingots as the material and a reinforced stick as the handle
  • Awakened Limbium Armor - Craft normal armor using Awakened Limbium Ingots as the material
  • Apple Pie - Craft like Pumpkin Pie except with an Apple instead of a Pumpkin
  • Basic Effect Slate - Used to craft Slates
  • Slates - Give the their effect while in your inventory (some are bugged, sorry about that)


  • Limbic Fluid - Gives Wither 3 for sixty ticks (three seconds)


  • Dead Lands - Found in the Overworld


  • Essence of Darkness - Drops 0-2 Empowered Essence, summoned by blowing up a block of Solid Dark
  • Shadow - Drops 0-2 Essence, spawns in Limbo and in the Dead Lands


  • Limbo - Make a portal using Purpur blocks and activate it with a Limbic Igniter


  • Slate Update - 1.3
  • JEI - Highly recomended
  • 1.3.7 - Cancelled
Modification files
LimbicElements-1.3.jar - Download for Limbic Elements 1.3Uploaded on: 04/13/2018 - 00:24   File size: 497.54 KB
LimbicElements-1.2.9.jar - Download for Limbic Elements 1.2.9Uploaded on: 04/08/2018 - 15:38   File size: 416.25 KB
LimbicElements-1.2.6.jar - Download for Limbic Elements 1.2.6Uploaded on: 04/07/2018 - 15:13   File size: 399.43 KB
LimbicElements-1.2.2.jar - Download for Limbic Elements 1.2.2Uploaded on: 04/06/2018 - 19:25   File size: 387.43 KB