Prehistoric Challenge

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Travel back in time to fight the latest prehistoric bosses and fight against the strongest new mobs! Duel with fiery skeletons and creepers in the Precambrian. Battle with The weirdest sea creatures ever in the Cambrian. Fight off the sea scorpions and giant squid in the Ordovician. Strike giant armoured tadpoles and the first amphibians in the Devonian. wage war with the first true land animals in the carboniferous. Battle against the first reptiles in the Permain. Duel with Dinosaurs in the Triassic, Jurassic and Cretaceous. Battle the first whales and monstrous ants in the Eocene. Fight off Warring pigs and massive mammals in the Miocene. Attack the first apes and big cats in the Pliocene. And Duel with Ice Age beasts in the Pleistiocene.

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