The Forgotten Dimensions

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TFD 1.10+ Requires Curios API & Geckolib API

The Forgotten Dimensions
Is mainly focused as the mod name. in dimensions

Currently the mod have a whole 1 dimension that with the time

more will be added with the time. currently this is the dimension that is added:


The Permafrost Dimension enviroment is a frozen themed World

the moment you enter you will enter the danger of freezing to death

this can be avoided through different factors. such as

Light,Day or night time,Climate,And the biome the player is currently at


And the most important factor. your elemental defence

the mod comes with an elemental system.

Fire , Ice , Electric/Thunder , Earth , Water
for increasing the elemental defence. you need equipment
which of course. is special armor obtained in the dimension
Mod Armors
Also the dimension comes with their own weapons. that inflicts Physical and Elemental damage

(There are even some extremely strong curios if used properly!)

Elemental damage ignores completely the physical defence of an entity. 
while having negative defence. increases the overall damage

The dimension also comes with a variety of biomes and enviroments

Full list of biomes:

Snowy desert : a wasteland. no trees. only snow
Snowy forest : Average forest. made with small snowy trees
Snowy Pine Forest : A rarer forest . made with taller snowy trees
Dense Pine Forest : A even rarer forest. have an high snowy trees density  
Dead Snowy Forest : Really dangeours. Dead snowy trees everywhere
Dense Dead Snowy Forest : even more dangeours. And more Dead Snowy Trees
Ice Valley : Composes principally oceans. if it reaches land . will be pure ice blocks
Spyke Valley : Here. True ice Spykes are common. full of ice spirits. which is not recommended to be near. blue cie can be gotten here
Compressed Snow Fields : Mostly Mountains. contains high concentrations of the stone of the dimension. Compressed Snow
Froslog Forest : Really sturdy trees grows here.
Dense Froslog Forest : Even more Sturdy trees grows
Mendalum Forest : Warmer and softer trees grows in this forest. they emit light
Dense Mendalum Forest : Best palce to live in the dimension. the warmer and safest biome
Permafrost Mixtured Forest : All Wood types can grow here


even if you think there isn't much more. of course. there are bosses for you to defeat.

and the climate of the dimension. which only makes the survival even harder
The Blizzards. they can be seen by the particles that will start swarming you.

to fully avoid this climate. it is recommended for staying underground

Entering the dimension
after 1000 blocks away from the center of the world.
in any snow biome the portal naturally spawns

Once you enter. you will not be able to come back unless you find another portal. 
with the same conditions.

Currently the next dimension is being worked out.

Skyrium dimension , is already in the last version but doesn't have any real stuff


Modification files
TFD 1.3 Release MC1.19.2.jar - Overall improvements,Uploaded on: 05/08/2023 - 20:14   File size: 17.46 MB

Deleted Piercing/Strong elemental damage, with the new elemental system it have become completely useless and unbalanced
in some examples strong damage was useless only adding 0.2 damage and in other like piercing even dealing true damage
(5 normal, 15 with defence which is just a mess)

Anything that inflicted piercing/strong elemental damage got changed and buffed/nerfed

Ice Resistance enchantment increased limit from 2 to 4 (0.5 def to 1 max per item)
+ Mendalum Sprout decoration plant
+ True ice spyke (small-medium-big)
- overall nerfed permafrost trees drops
* Updated froslog trees
+ Tutan crops can generate in the wild
* Frozen spykes now generates once again

+ Ice Spyke Star now generates underground
+ Baldr
+ Skylite Bow
+ Thunderite Saber
+ Thunderite Scythe
+ Thunderite Warshovel
- RP Copper Sword reverted changes and buffed physical damage from 2.5 to 4
/ Lightning Bolt decreased thunder velocity, and spawn height (this is a buff)
- Icyllium blowgun reduced Ice damage, From 3 to 2.5
- Icyllium Waraxe reduced Ice damage, From 6 to 5
/ Pigmy Shortsword recuded Fire damage, from 2 to 1.5, Increased Physical damage from 2 to 2.25
+ Increased Forgotten javellin Fire Damage from *1.025 Total speed to 1.05 Total speed
+ Increased Skylite Feather Launcher Electrical damagefrom 0.7 to 0.8
- Reduced Magma bombs Max Fire damage, from 10 to 8, reduced explosion strenght from 3 to 2, crafting result reduced from 4 to 1
+ Spectralism
+ Permafrost Beastling Staff
- Reduced Arkhalis physical damage from 10 to 6
+ Increased several weapons attack speed
- Skylite feather launcher now shoots 2 feathers instead of 4
- Blaze Rod Repeater lowered durability from 1250 to 750
+ Snowy sword buffed physical damage from 3.5 to 4.5
/ Reduced icyllium set stored damage by 5 times
+ Raw thunderite
+ Thunderite Ingot
+ Thunderite Pickaxe
+ Thunderite Axe
+ Thunderite Hoe
/ Balanced Skylite items set, overall a nerf
/ Skylite saber fixed description
/ Increased attack speed of AXE items
/ Increased attack speed of WARAXE items
- Skylite Shovel no longers deal piercing damage
+ Vex ectoplasm
/ All Skylite tools balanced to the next stats, dur: 300, attack speed: average iron + 0.35, Eff 7, dmg: iron - 0.75, ech: 16, harvest : iron
/ All Skyrium stone tools balanced to the next stats, dur: 180, attack speed: average stone, Eff 4.5, dmg: stone +0.25, ech: 16, harvest : stone
/ All Skym tools balanced to the next stats, dur: 80, attack speed: average wood, Eff 2.6, dmg: wood +0.25, ech: 16, harvest : wood
/ All Icyllium tools balanced to the next stats, dur: 450, attack speed: average iron, Eff 7, dmg: iron + 0.5, ech: 18, harvest : iron
/ All Snowy tools balanced to the next stats, dur: 85, attack speed: average wood, Eff 2.75, dmg: wood +0.5, ech: 12, harvest : wood
/ All Mendalum tools balanced to the next stats, dur: 65, attack speed: average wood +0.2, Eff 3.5, dmg: wood -0.5, ech: 16, harvest : wood
- Altered defences of Light skylite set overall is a nerf
+ Light Skylite set finally craftable (i forgot it lol)
+ RP Copper armor added
+ Permafrost beast reworked and skill level increased
/ Removed Piercing from Permafrost Wolf, Increased Ice Damage dealed From 1.5 to 2
+ Increased Ice Damage from 18 to 25 (Arkhalis) and 12 to 17 (Unarmed)
+ Increased Avariel Ice damage from 25 to 30
- Removed "Strong" and Decreased Pigmy God Slayer damage from 6 to 5
+ Permafrost Beastling
- Massive frost no longer is eliminated with high ice defence
+ Ice phoenix decreased regeneration lost by 20%
/ Ice phoenix now only plays his death dialogue once per world, drops instantly the feather if defeated again
Raw snowincho
Raw wolf
Cooked snowincho
Cooked wolf
Frozen meat
Tutan crop all stages
* Command blocks generated in froslog destroyed tower
* Elemental damage couldn't properly kill sometimes
* Ice phoenix beam/laser didn't track properly
* Ice phoenix beam/laser didn't target properly
* Elemental damage no longer affects creative/spectator mode players
* Elemental damage couldn't properly kill entities if one shooted
* Ice Ray cast particles overshooted
* trees no longer takes too much time to generate
* Lightning Bolt No longers bugs at non solid blocks
* Froslog slab was uncraftable
* Icyllium blowgun was stackable
* Pigmy war horn could be spammed
* Ice champion vessel couldn't be summoned with commands
* Avariel didn't dropped anything
* Some structures generated with no loot inside

that's good, actually you inspired me to start making mods, in fact I'm creating one right now and I hope it's ready soon

do you think you could help me work on coustum weather? if not i totaly understand