MineLand Mod

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In development
Modification type
Minecraft Forge mod
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Welcome to the MineLand Mod! This is my first mod on this Program. It adds new dimension, a new food, new blocks, and a new mob!

How to create the portal! Just use Nether Quarts blocks around like a nether portal, activate it with Book of Balker

Note: Some of the Images might be outdated.

Stuff you can find


To get the book of Balker, just put a book in a crafting table! The Lages in the Balker Dimension will be very strong! Watch out! The Calent Ore in the dimension will have special attributes. You can also get Enchanted golden carrots, Hardened stone, Enderite (Stronger than netherite stuff found in the end).

Modification files

The blue stone in the dimension looks cool, but the purple mob could maybe have a better texture