Shadows of Infinity ALPHA

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In development
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Minecraft Forge mod
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Shadows of Infinity is an ambitious project that aims to add in many new dimensions and loads of new mobs and bosses to go with those dimensions. It will have a bit of lore, but it will mostly be an exploration mod. It is still in Alpha stage, with only a few items, mobs, and dimensions but there is much more on the way.


Beginner's Guide to Infinity:

Step one: get diamond gear, or you'll regret it.

Step two: Find and kill a bunch of Whispers

Step three: Craft Whispering gear from the Whispering Shadows that will drop from the Whispers. The recipes are the same as the vanilla armor and gear recipes.

Step four: Find and kill a Nightmare. This step can take a while since they are so rare.

Step five: Craft a Nightmarish Portal 

Nightmarish Portal Recipe







Step six: Use the portal by right-clicking with it in your hand.

Step seven: find loads of Tempestuous ore, mine it with your whispering pickaxe, and smelt it.

Step eight: Craft Tempestuous gear. Same recipes.

Step nine: Craft a Dream Shard and use it like the Nightmarish Portal to go to the Shattered Dreamlands Dimension.

Dream Shard Recipe









Step ten: Find the Ember's Blood and Living Crystal ores and make the respective gears. Try right-clicking with the swords!

Step eleven: Craft a Shattered Dreams and right click with it on the ground to summon the Dream Crusher

Step twelve: Craft either a Writhing Orb or a Volcanic Essence and right click with them to travel to their respective dimensions.

Wooden Orb Recipe










Writhing Orb Recipe










Volcanic Essence Recipe










Step thirteen: search for Magmatic and Balefire ore

Step fourteen: craft a Blast Cylinder and use it to craft a Magmatic Centrifuge

Step fifteen: use the Magmatic Centrifuge to craft Hellsflame ingots and Balefire Bullets

Step sixteen: craft a Magmatic Repeater and some Hellsflame gear

Step seventeen: wait

Modification files
Shadows-of-Infinity-APLHA-1.1.jar - Welcome to Infinity...1.73 MB
Shadows-of-Infinity-APLHA-1.2_0.jar - You insist on delving deeper?1.92 MB
Shadows-of-Infinity-APLHA-1.3.jar - Let's see how well you can survive the heat.2.08 MB

ALPHA 1.1 - Added the Whisper and Nightmare mobs, the Eternal Torment dimension (still in development), the Whispering Gear, the Tempestuous Gear, the Shattered Dreamland dimension, and more!

ALPHA 1.2 - Added the Living Crystal and Ember's Blood ores (In the Shattered Dreamlands) and their respective gear. Added two new dimensions, but have yet to add mobs and ores to them. Whisper's will only spawn in the Overworld and the Eternal Torment

ALPHA 1.3 - Added the Magmatic Repeater, the Balefire Bullets, and the Hellsflame gear.

whooooooOOOOOOOOa nice mod!
i like the whispers, they're cool.
the textures are good! maybe add a little more images, though?