Aquamirae Mod

Published by Obscuria on Tue, 10/12/2021 - 16:21
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The once endless ocean, the waters of which were raised from the depths by gusty winds,
the ocean that was sailed by brave voyagers and fearsome flotillas of pillagers, is now chained in ice and snow.
Frozen in time… The ships of those who were unlucky froze in the merciless ice,
at the same moment terrible creatures crawled out of the abyss into the light of day.
Through the blizzard, only the rare sounds of the horns of those who still hope for rescue are heard.
What could transform the once unbridled ocean so drastically?

This mod requires Obscuria's Core v1.1 to work!

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"Aquamirae" is the first mod from the "Obscuria Collection".
All mods will share the general story and a common gameplay.
In these mods you will find:

  • Lots of content to explore in survival.
  • New elements and mechanics of combat systems. Armor with half-set bonuses and weapons with custom gameplay effects. Combinations of half-sets and weapons completely transforms your combat style!
  • New structures and dungeons made by professional builders.
  • Dynamic surroundings! Lively entity and block models, textures by experienced CG-artists, vivid sound effects and music.
  • Achievements and hints will guide you though the mods of collection. You will not have to search on web how to advance on contents.







  • Added three-bolt half-set for deep sea exploration
  • Added boss: Ghost of Captain Cornenia
  • Reworked the hierarchy of advancements, added new advancements
  • Changed the generation of the underwater part of the biome
  • Minor bug fixes

MOTW well deserved.
Might I ask how you achieved the very impressive mob animations without the use of something like GeckoLib?

What an incredible mod! I’m an absolute ocean guy who loves all things aquatic and this mod really draws me in. The textures look amazing, the models are really well made and the way you’ve presented your mod on this page is absolutely magnificent!

I’ll definitely be playing this in the near future. You have my respect ✊