The Virgo Mod

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Minecraft Forge mod
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Welcome to The Virgo Mod! Here you will find many things. New biomes, blocks, generation, mobs, and more!

- Journey to the Andesite Canyon biome where you will find a lot of Mycelium and Andesite! You will also find small Spruce Trees generating here with Melon Blocks on them! Trees don't always have Melon Blocks on them but the melons do generate frequently on these trees

  • Ores generate like normal in this biome
  • This biome has tall hills that can reach up to y153. If you find anything bigger, you should let me know!

- In this mod you will also see a new tab in the Creative Inventory! Inside it you can find 5 new music discs! Just place them in a jukebox and have fun!

  1. DJ Zerohaven - Dreams
  2. DJ Zerohaven - See You Tonight
  3. DJ Zerohaven - Night Drive
  4. DJ Zerohaven - Searching
  5. DJ Zerohaven - Beach Vibes


Modification files

Update 1.0.1:

  • Changed the name of the mod from Music Discs + to The Virgo Mod
  • Added the Wooden Whistle but it currently does nothing
  • Removed the See You Tonight structure because I felt like it wasn’t necessary to make a structure just for a single music disc. This structure was mainly a test to see how things behaved in the mod. You can still get the See You Tonight music disc in the creative inventory
  • Mineshafts and Strongholds now spawn in the Andesite Canyon biome
  • Changed the main “grass” block in the Andesite Canyon biome. Mycelium now generates in the place of Andesite. Andesite still generates as the main filler block for the underground. Stone still generates as an underground block due to ore and other types of generation in the Vanilla game needing stone to exist in a biome
  • Spruce trees now generate a lot more frequently in the Andesite Canyon! There should be one tree per chunk of the biome. There is also a chance to have melons generate on them! You can find up to six melons on a single tree! I will probably make a seperate fruit to go on these trees in a future update