Appocalo: Scraps Crafter

Published by blueiguana on Fri, 10/22/2021 - 00:13
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The Appocalo Mod adds apocalypse themed weapons, tools and armor. It also adds a variety of metals and materials to upgrade your gear with. You can go to the Scrap Ruins and search for scraps to craft into weapons and armor! You can smith together Radium with Ebuvenium to make an electric metal and make your iron bar electrified! The possibilities are endless with this radioactive mod. When you want to create new materials and experiment, you will need a guide book! To craft one, you need on book, one diamond and one emerald in a crafting table. Then, boom! You can learn how to make any material to upgrade your gear or give you helping potion effects.


Ingonsite: Used to kickstart making other materials.

Radium: Used to smith with many other metals.

Crulinium: Craft it into a rod and when you hit a mob, you get the resistance effect.

Querilium: When crafted into chunks, it gives you night vision.

Ebuvenium: When in your main hand, it gives invisibility.

Akaanosite: Used to upgrade metal tools into electrified versions.

Irinum: When in your main hand, it gives slow falling effect.

Veneveneum: When in your main hand, it gives health boost.

Venekaanosite: When in your main hand, it gives luck.

Platifisite: When in your main hand, it gives both regen and strength. It can be used to upgrade metal tools to be platificated.

Endisite: Strongest material of all. Can be used to craft weapons and armor.



Iron Bar: Used for combat.

Spiked Rod: Used for combat but stronger than Iron Bar.

Scrap Adze: A multitool.

Clank Rod: Used as a pickaxe.

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