Ender Expansion

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Minecraft Forge mod
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A small mod with the goal of making the End livable in.


End ruins- There are currently 18(small) end ruins, some with chests and others just to add to the environment

Purpurium- A very rare gem that can do some interesting things (More uses will be added in the future)

Purpurium sword- slightly stronger than a netherite sword and does bonus damage while in the End

Chorus wood planks- Chorus flowers can be crafted into planks as a source of wood

Purpur lantern- A new light source

Charred chorus fruit- A fuel twice as good as coal

End stalk- A strange sugarcane like plant that can be made into tea and salad

Elytra crafting recipe (6 leather, 1 nether star, 1 purpurium gem and a bottle of dragons breath

Recipes to get paper, sugar and bone meal using End stalk

Endstone can be made into sand

A new painting called "pale, purple and black"


Ideas welcome!

Modification files
EnderExpansion- 1.16.5-1.0.0.jar - Ender Expansion Version 1.0.0226.93 KB