Ice technology

Published by FiDJAY on Wed, 01/05/2022 - 11:46
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This modification is at the stage of alpha development 0.2.4!


Description of the mod:

Ice Industrial mod in which you can create various items, for example: titanium tool items, cryogenic liquids-ingots, and also a tablet! Gradually developing and making new technologies, you can later build a portal in the ordinary world and go to a new dimension! This is how the first part of the mod ends.

The second part: You appear in a new world, in a cold, and icy wasteland, surrounded by dangers around you. As it turned out, the portal was one-way, which means that it will not be possible to return back to the normal world, and you have to find ... another way out. In the new dimension you will find: New resources, bosses, mobs, and of course the history of this dimension! (This is exactly what the mod is planning)

At the moment, there is very little content in this mod. And the author of this mod is planning to make a BIG project! But you need ... just wait for my implementation)

And this modification is in Russian! Additional language support coming soon. Although, you can download it now, supporting the author in the further development of the mod!

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Modification files
Ice technology ALPHA 0.2.4 (1.17.1).jar - Final 0.2.4, Further 0.3!297.54 KB

-The textures of the "Titanium connector" block have been fixed and improved
There was one texture on all 4 sides. Now, they are different.
-Fixed items "Tweezers" and "Copper Coil". When crafting "Copper Wire", items disappeared instead of wasting durability.
-Some achievements have changed:
When receiving titanium ore:
Achievement title: Strong in his own way!
(I accidentally made a mistake in achievement and forgot to delete, I'll fix it soon)
When receiving roasted snow:
The title and description are reversed.
When I ate fried snow ...:
New achievement title: Khakf Fhusnho!
New achievement description: Real nonsense for 50k ...
When a titanium hoe breaks:
New achievement title: Feel like a combine harvester!
New achievement description: You dug up 3001 blocks after all, huh? Okay, keep your prize.
-The texture of the "Titanium Connector" has been changed.
-The "Titanium connector" interface has been changed.
-Slightly changed the texture of the "Copper coil"
-Removed MY version of copper ore.
-Added a new achievement.
-Added new items:
Micro chip
Titanium block
Reinforced titanium block
Titanium lid with handle
Titanium cover
Titanium cell
-Added crafting of many items.
Titanium block
Reinforced titanium block
Cryo-liquid ...
Copper coil
Titanium connector blank
Titanium connector
-Test of the interface of the subject "tablet".
That's all, wait for ALPHA 0.3!
P.S The file weighs the same as the previous version of the mod. Since, due to the transition of the mod to the new version 1.17.1, he lost weight. The mod weighed in (1.16.5) 350 kb.