MCreators Nether Biomes

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After sometime on MCreator, i've finally done it.

Miners and Crafters, Pvpers and Builders, Modders and everyone else, may I present to you:

MCreators Nether Biomes adds two new biomes to the Nether, the Twisted Forest and Lavender Forest.


The Twisted Forest is large nether forest, filled with Twisted Nylium, Twisted Wart Trees and Piglins.


The Lavender Forest is a beautiful purple biome, with lush lavender wart trees and a beautiful nylium for the ground.


Here's a preview of every block I have added to the game:

Things I plan to add are:

-More Biomes.

-More mobs.

-A type of spore for every biome.

-Fungus are bonemealable.
Bugs I need to fix at some point:

-Seeds looking the same.


The mods not done yet, I just wanted to get it out to you all.
If you get ideas or find bugs, please tell it to me. If we reach 100 downloads, I will make a Discord server.

Hope you enjoy the mod!

Modification files
MCreators_Nether_Biomes-1.0.0.jar - Version 1.0.0 | 1.16.5 (Finished)Uploaded on: 01/24/2022 - 17:03   File size: 863.47 KB

Could you maybe add some screenshots? The logo one looks really awesome, and I feel adding some screenshots would make people even more willing to download the mod :)

Hey, are these added to the Nether Nether or is it an alternate dimension (if it’s the Nether Nether, is it custom code?)