Null, A Lush Void

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A once sprawling world called "The lush void" got overrun by corruption and is now just the remnants of the place.


This mod is my biggest project yet.

A bunch of new items, blocks, advancements, a few more entities and new structures.

A whole new dimension with new biomes, new wood types and new ore packs.

This is only 1.5, I plan on adding much more to this mod.


How To Enter The Lush Void:

Step 1: Find Void balls, they are located on the edges of the end islands

Step 2: Using the Void shards harvested from the Void balls, craft Null frames by placing 9 Void shards in the crafting grid.

Step 3: Acquire an Eye of a Null stalker. It's a rare drop of the Null stalker. They are located in the outer end islands.

Step 4: Place the Null frames in the portal formation

Step 5: Ignite it using the Eye of a Null stalker


Fun Facts:

The oldest biome is the Root forest.

The first custom model for the mod was the one for the Void Ball.

Nullium was created before Crushtlite.

The main block of the Lush Void used to be End Stone before Cerite.

There's a secret advancement called "A Real Reason To Flex".

The Lush Void's first shape was an island like the End.

You can sleep in the Lush Void.

Nullium used to not be in Geodes

The purpose of Null Stones is to serve as decorative blocks like Diorite, Andesite and Granite.


Bugs that needs fixing:

-None to my knowledge



A Null Crawler in its natural habitat

Null Crawler in it's natural habitat


A portal to the Lush Void

A portal to the Lush Void


The advancement list

List of all the advancements


The interior of a Nullium geode

The interior of a Nullium Geode


A Root cabin

A Root cabin


A Null city

A Null city

Modification files
Null, a lush void 1.7 [1.20.1]_0.jarUploaded on: 07/11/2024 - 04:20   File size: 637.11 KB

-Added a new ore pack named "Vhoroium"

-Craft Vhoroium ore with 6 Crushtlite crystals and 3 Nullium crystals

-Generation tweaks