Planet Bars: Teleportation Snacks

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This mod is about chocolate bars that, when eaten, teleport you to different planets, each with new ores, unsolved mysteries and sometimes even dangerous new alien creatures. This mod started out as some sort of joke based on one of Utini4's YouTube videos, but eventually, I decided that the mod could actually be semi-successful. So I worked on it for days and eventually got it to a stage where I published the mod for all to see. Unfortunately, I'm pretty sure I violated some MCreator publishing rules and the original got removed, but I'm back with a proper logo and hopefully history doesn't repeat itself. I still have the first version in downloads so grab it while you can. The mod does still have its roots as a joke mod clearly visible, for example, Obamium and Dwaynium ores, but I think it's matured beyond that stage. 

You start off playing Minecraft normally, but eventually, you begin crafting parachutes and oxygen gear for your first trip to Mars. You go to the Jungle and find cocoa beans to make chocolate. You make wrappers from paper and dye and search for a Martian meteorite. You then gather dust from the meteor while defending yourself from vicious Chopbugs, and finally, you craft a Mars Bar. You make an Earth Bar right after and eat the Mars Bar. You prepare for anything to go wrong, but as soon as you think you messed up the recipe or something, you find yourself falling at terminal velocity in a butterscotch sky, right towards the ground of Mars. You activate your parachute and float safely down to the surface.

If you wish to know the rest of the story, you can download the mod, and start your own adventure to the other planets of Minecraft in Planet Bars: Teleportation Snacks.

Modification files
planetbars_1.17.1_hotfix0.9.1.1_0.jar - Planet Bars: Teleportation Snacks hotfix for 1.17.1, fixes X-Raying solar panels/frames and the Dwaynium sword recipeUploaded on: 03/04/2022 - 23:03   File size: 1.2 MB
planetbars_1.17.1_release0.9.2_0.jar - Planet Bars: Teleportation Snacks 0.9.2 release for 1.17.1, a few additions and a lunar meteorite.Uploaded on: 03/06/2022 - 17:11   File size: 1.26 MB
planetbars_1.17.1_hotfix0.9.3.1.jar - Planet Bars: Teleportation Snacks 0.9.3 release for 1.17.1, a few additions and a in-game logo update. AI hotfix.Uploaded on: 03/16/2022 - 16:47   File size: 1.34 MB
planetbars_1.17.1_hotfix0.9.4_unfinished.jar - Planet Bars: Teleportation Snacks 0.9.4 release for 1.19.2, very unfinished. Only use to test, play 0.9.3 otherwise.Uploaded on: 06/03/2023 - 22:26   File size: 2.47 MB

Changelog for 'Planet Bars: Teleportation Snacks 0.9.3 release for 1.17.1

  • Changed debug textures to resemble test cards instead of Amoguses(or Amogi? idk fandom can be confusing), no major impact and doesn't affect survival.
  • Reduced HP and attack damage of all chopbug types very slightly to make them slightly easier to kill
  • Reduced yield of recipe 'chopcarcass' to one Raw Chopbug instead of two, effectively halving the amount of meat gained per kill.
  • Chopbugs now make a mildly annoying sound when they kill an opponent.
  • Changed in-game mod logo on the mod manager thingy, and deleted the original from the files.


  • Hotfix to resolve Chopbugs targeting undefineds instead of players internally.


In the next update, I will add Milky Way Bars that send you to the very outer reaches of space, along with *AHEM* 'new ores, dangerous creatures, and unsolved mysteries.'

Changelog for 'Planet Bars: Teleportation Snacks 0.9.4 UNFINISHED (and extremely buggy) release for 1.19.2

No changelog


I have a changelog for 0.9.4, but it covers everything I will add, and this build is unfinished. So, obviously, I'm not going to put it here since it covers stuff both unfinalized and unimplemented. Please inform me of bugs on the mod's thread, go there via the Connected mod thread link.

The OG 'Things that I can't fix, so never ask me: ' list:

Moon/Pluto sky becomes orange during sunrise or sunset.
Can't see the sun on other planets.
Solar panels don't work (currently they are deco blocks because MCreator is missing Redstone logic code blocks)

hmmmm... you eat chocolate then you go to mars. If only making history was that easy in real life.

Moved license to CC Non-Commercial, no new stuff but I am working on it.

I finally got back to doing stuff on MCreator and 0.9.4 should hopefully be out before the end of next week.

I might stop commenting on this now because just look at how many comments I have
But anyway, I now have a plugin that lets me customize the sky: I can manipulate it at my will. So expect cooler-looking skies next update, if I can get it to work.