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Minecraft Forge mod
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Fragments is a small mod that adds one sky dimension shrouded in darkness. This mod is still under development so any suggestions/criticisms are welcome.



-Cattails: plants that generate in swamps as decoration. They can be harvested

-Shrublands: a dry biome made of dirt with a few plants. Generates a special type of spruce tree

-Shrub: generates in the shrublands. Drops sticks when hearvested

-Catmint: generates in the shrublands. Used to make purple dye (until I can find a better use for it)

-Spider Cave: a special structure that generates underground. Found more frequently in the shrublands

-Albino Spider: spawns only in spider caves. Drops albino spider eyes and albino string

-Albino Spider Eye: used to make a potion of blindness

-Albino string: used to make the portal igniter

-Soul Fragments: Can be extracted from soul sand with shears. Extracted soul sand turns into soul soil. Used to make the portal igniter

-Fragmension Portal: A ruined portal that can be found anywhere in the overworld. It is a small floating island chained to the ground

-Psychedellic Woods: A biome in the Fragmension. Filled with mushrooms

-Fragstone Crag: Fragmension biome. A darker plains-like biome made of only fragstone with a few stalagmites

-Whispering Woods: My favorite Fragmension biome. Full of light 

-Mystic Forest: A strange biome with crystals growing straight from the ground

-Memory Ore: An ore that generates frequently in the Fragmension. 

-Hope Ore: ore that generates exclusively in the whispering woods

-Dream Jewel: Drops from dream ore. Used to make Dream Crystals

-Dream Crystal: combined with iron ingots on a smithing table to make dreamcharged iron ingots

-Dreamcharged Iron Ingots: combined with iron tools on a smithing table to create dreamcharged iron tools. They deal more damage, have more durability, and give enemies 2 seconds of weakness when hit with one.

-Log slabs/stairs for every wood type

-Sweet berry pie and jam

-Pine forest and pine valley; biomes filled with pine tress and flowers

-Aspen forest; home to a new type of wood

-Mountain Valley; a hard to traverse biome with high hills and low valleys. Many flowers and both aspen and pine trees

-Navygem crystals: crystals that grow in the mystic forest. Used to make powerful ranged items

-Crystal bow/arrows: A special type of weapon that does not require a pause between shots. Very powerful (Note: projectiles shot are invisible for some reason)

-Illuminant feather: used to make crystal arrows

-Lostface/stalker: entity that spawns in the fragmension. Has a good portion of it's head decayed. Drops decayed tooth

-Crawler: entity that spawns in the psychedelic woods

-Phantilline: cat-like entity that spawn in the whispering woods

-Navix: fox entity that spawns in the mystic forest

-Sparkler: strange floating lights that exist all over the fragmension

-Strange berry jam: gives haste but nausea for 30 secs


Things I will be working on:

-More purpose and use for items that are currently used to make one thing

-Improving the overworld

Modification files
fragments.jar - Release776.08 KB
fragments_v_1.2.0.jar - Decoration Update932.94 KB
fragments_v_1.3.0.jar - Overworld Update1.26 MB
fragments_v_1.4.0.jar - Fragmension Update1.75 MB

v 1.2.0: 

-Added doors, trapdoors, buttons, and pressure plates for every new wood type

-Added stairs and slabs with every log/stem texture for your decoration needs


v 1.3.0:

-Added 4 overworld biomes; Aspen Forest, Pine Forest, Pine Valley, Mountain Valley

-Added roses of 3 colors; red, pink, and white

-Added asters

-Added sweet berry jam and sweet berry pie



-Added a new biome to the fragmension

-Added crystal bow and arrows

-Added a use for memory ore

-Added entities to the fragmension

-Added hope ore

-Added stripped log slabs/stairs

-Strange berries can be crushed into powder and used to make a potion of haste