Wild Aside

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Wild Aside 

An amazing biome and exploration mod.

uploaded imageDeveloped since early 2022


The mod requires Geckolib to work!

3 new biomes:

Hickory Forest:

- A new biome with tall hickory trees, 2 new beautiful flowers, a new woodset and more!

Glowing Hickory Forest:

- A variant of the Hickory Forest, but instead of the leaves being all-green, they have 4 different colours and glow in the night!
- This biome also has new items, advancements and mechanincs compared to the regular Hickory Forest.

Vibrion Hive:

- The biome with the most features and mechanics!
- A bacteria infected cave with many new natural, craftable and building blocks, items, effects, enchantments, advancements;
a unique tool crafted from a new ore and unique mechanics to tie these all together!

To see all of the mod's features and their uses, see the first version's changelog!

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Patchouli support:
- Using Patchouli is not a requirement to play the mod, only optional!
- Patchouli support for Wild Aside is already in the first beta version, but only has placeholder and test-texts for now.

Modification files
WildAside_beta0.1.5_1201.jar - Wild Aside - Beta 0.1.5 - 1.20.1Uploaded on: 10/02/2023 - 19:36   File size: 1.61 MB
WildAside_beta0.1.4_1194.jar - Wild Aside - Beta 0.1.4 - 1.19.4Uploaded on: 08/07/2023 - 10:40   File size: 1.58 MB
WildAside_beta0.1.4_1192.jar - Wild Aside - Beta 0.1.4 - 1.19.2Uploaded on: 08/07/2023 - 10:53   File size: 1.54 MB
WildAside_beta0.1.0_1192.jar - Wild Aside - Beta 0.1.0 - 1.19.2 - The first public release!Uploaded on: 04/24/2023 - 18:31   File size: 1.57 MB

BETA 0.1.0 (1.19.2)
First public release!

This is the first time anyone can try this project that has been in the work for over a year now!

Hickory Forest:
- Hickory trees! Its woodset works almost like a regular one, except that the planks's texture has 2 variants and gets chosen randomly when placed. The leaves will also produce Fallen Hickory Leaves below themselves overtime.
- 2 new flowers: Panxter Flower and Spotted Wintergreen.
- Breaking Hickory Leaves might give you Hickory Nuts.
Glowing Hickory Forest:
- Almost like a Hickory Forest, except that the trees have 4 different colors and slowly increase their light levels up to 7 when it's nighttime and then decrease their light levels when the sun is coming up.
- When right-clicking with a honey bottle on any glowing hickory leaves at night, you are going to get a colored glowing essence. Combining the 4 different colored ones and a Vibrion using a Bioengineer Workspace, you get Rutillion, which will give you ways to make invisible lightsources in survival once it is implemented in the future!
Vibrion Hive:
- the biome with the most features!
- This biome is a bacteria infected cave.
- Basic vegetation: Vibrion Roots, Substilium Sprouts, Hanging Vibrion Vines, Vibrion Gel.
- It has two types of "trees": Mushrooms and Sticks. Mushrooms have caps made of Substilium Shroom, trunks made of Substilium Wood which has its own woodset and some other blocks under its cap, like the Vibrion Block. The Stick is a taller version of the mushroom, but with no cap and more blocks around its trunk.
- Compressed Substilium Soil can be found(and crafted) all around the biome and can be made into building blocks(smooth, chiseled, tiles, cracked tiles) and these of course have cut version too(stairs, slabs, walls, pressure plates, buttons)
- A more unique type of vegetation is the Vibrion Sporeholder, which when stood on, gives you Contamination, a new effect.

- Contamination makes your tools use more durability depending on its level.
- An another way to get Contamination are the Sporeblasters, which have 2 types: a natural and crafted. The natural, as the name suggests, naturally generates in the Vibrion Hive biome.
They blast out yellow particles, which when gone through, gives you Contamination. It has a maximum reach of 15 and randomly changes. It also has two sides.
The crafted one is different in that it has a custom model, doesn't generate naturally, only has 1 side, but its reach can be controlled via redstone!
- You can obtain the previously mentioned Vibrion in many ways, but easiest is breaking a Vibrion Block.
- If you see purple particles coming out of the ground, that means you found Entorium! A new ore that is currently overgrown by substilium. You can use shears on the Overgrown Entorium Ores to reveal the ore hiding underneath. You can do every block one-by-one or use a shears with the new enchantment: Revealing! Instead of only revealing the block you right-clicked, it reveals all ores in a 3x3x3 area! After cleaning the substilium off the ore, you can then mine it to get Entorium!
- You many thing with Vibrion and Entorium(and other stuff like Vibrion Gel: Vibrion Glass and its glowing counterpart, Sporeblasters, Entorium Pills(gives you Immune-resistance, which removes Contamination from you, but might also give you weakness), the previously mentioned Bioengineer Workspace and a new tool: the Entorium Gauntlet! This tool breaks almost any block instantly, but that block might not drop(10% chance)! But here comes an another new enchantment: Reliable Research! It has 3 levels and every levels gives your gauntlet +10% chance to make block drop. So having a level 3 of this enchantment means every block you mine with your gauntlet will have a 40% chance to drop.

- You can also find Vibrion Growths in the biome, which have two parts: stems and a head. The stem is really hard to mine and gives Contamination. The head on the other head gives you some loot, including Entorium Sporebombs! These ranged items can be used to give other players/mobs Contamination from a distance.

You might see some unmentioned stuff, like some Bald Cypres wood-blocks, which are planned features that have placeholder textures, no way of obtaining in survival and no functionality for now.
Wild Aside is also compatible(so not a requirement to play) with Patchouli, but only has placeholder text for now.

 BETA 0.1.1 (1.19.2 & 1.19.4)

  • Added 4 new variant of the Substilium Mushroom generating in the Vibrion Hive
  • Added a taller variation of each Hickory and Glowing Hickory trees
  • Added a new gamerule: GivePlayersLexiconWhenEnteringWildasideBiomes, which gives player a Wild Aside lexicon when entering a biome from Wild Aside for the first time. This option is false by default. (Lexicon requires Pathouli)
  • Altered the generation of vegetation(trees, mushrooms, hanging vines, sporeblasters, etc) in Hickory, Glowing Hickory and Vibrion Hive biomes
  • Fixed trees generating next to each other and in the floor
  • Fixed Hanging Vines and Gels generating one block higher than intended, ruining the ceiling of the cave
  • Advancement improvements and fixes
  • A few texture fixes and improvement
  • Redueced the mod's filesize
  • And other small improvement and fixes..

Beta 0.1.2 - 1.19.4

  • Reworked Entorium Sporebomb functionality
  • Removed Vibrion Growths -> the Sporebomb got a crafting recipe
  • Some texture improvements
  • On right clicking, Vibrion Blocks replace air directly next to them with Spore Air for a few seconds, almost like Sporeblasters
  • On right clicking, Vibrion Roots now give Contamination to entities directly standing in the block
  • Made Hickory Forests larger, Glowing Hickory Forests rare and Vibrion Hives larger but less common
  • Changed the Vibrion Hive's vegetations' spawnrates
  • Added composting functionality to some blocks
  • Crafting recipe changes
  • Vibrion Sporeholders now spawn once again
  • Other bug fixes and improvements

Beta 0.1.3 (1.19.2 & 1.19.4)

The mod now requires Geckolib as a dependency!

  • New structure: Hickory Cabin. It's in both Hickory biomes and has 6 variants.
  • New mob: Poofer. It is a passive, yellow insect found in the Vibrion Hive. This mob is very W.I.P; most of its features are not implemented yet. 
  • Added new advancements, fixed and changed old ones.
  • Adjusted vegetation spawnrates in the 3 biomes
  • Creative tab has been reordered
  • Contamination now gives Poison too.
  • Fallen Hickory Trees now have a 3D item model
  • Added some item descriptions
  • Many texture changes and improvements
  • Many, many bugfixes
  • and more...

Beta 0.1.4 (1.19.2  & 1.19.4 & 1.20.1)

  • Fixed the mod crashing on loading
  • Fixed Still Not Enough advancement not working

Beta 0.1.5 (1.20.1)

  • Made the Hickory biomes rarer and much smaller
  • Now Poofers can actually spawn
  • Added the Glutton. A hostile plant in the Vibrion Hive that shoots Sporebombs
  • Many fixes, small changes and improvements

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