Published by nikitka_04 on Sat, 03/25/2017 - 19:59
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Hello! It's my first modification ( Planet Mars Mod , for Minecraft 1.7.10 )

If you appear in the bedrock blocks you must use the command /tp.

This is a modification adds to your fantastic Minecraft:

For the Mars portal:

 -Mars portal frame:you need it for a Mars portal frame (Crafting recipe is:a torch in centre;4 iron ingots in the corners;other 4 slots is 4 flints).

 -Mars portal igniter:right click on the portal frame floor,and the portal is in front of you (Crafting recipe is:a flint and steel in centre;over and under the centre is 2 iron ingots).


 -Mars (Biome):There is no entities! It's good and bad...

 -The Mars (Dimension):There is Mars stone and ice (Bug:Sorry...but there is no water,you can place it only with a command:p). The air is orange.The know -_-


 -Mars stone:A material of the Mars dimension (You need it to craft some other things :3 )


 -Mars sword:Made of 1 stick and 2 Mars stone blocks,it have a damaaage...+10 damage!

 -Mars axe:Good thing! Very fast :3 (Crafting recipe is:2 sticks and 3 Mars stone blocks,one on the top other two is turned right).

 -Mars's like a stone pickaxe...But it is orange with a bit red colour (Crafting recipe is:2 sticks and 3 Mars stone blocks on the 3 top slots)

 -Mars shovel:You's good -_- (Crafting recipe is:you's 2 sticks and 1 Mars stone on the top -_- )


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I'm ukranian,but I like Russia!


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