Slime Farmer

Published by SuperRye99 on Sun, 06/26/2022 - 11:18
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Welcome to Slime Farmer

Adds Slimes and Food from Slime Rancher into Minecraft


Mobs :

Pink Slime (Overworld)

Rock Slime (Overworld)

Tabby Slime (Overworld)

Phosphor Slime (Night)

Rad Slime (Night)

Puddle Slime (The Sea)

Boom Slime (Night)

Crystal Slime (Night)

Hunter Slime (Jungles)

Honey Slime (Jungles)

Quantum Slime (The End)

Tangle Slime (Deserts)

Dervish Slime (Deserts)

Mosaic Slime (Deserts)

Fire Slime (Deserts and The Nether)

Cotton Slime (Slime Rancher 2) (Overworld)

Ringtail Slime (Slime Rancher 2) (Overworld)

Batty Slime (Slime Rancher 2) (Night)

The Tarr (Night)

The Nether Tarr (The Nether)



Food :

(Currently only a few slimes are feedable)



Heart Beet

Odd Onion

Oca Oca

Phase Lemon

Prickle Pear

Silver Parsnip

Water Lettuce (Slime Rancher 2)



Other :

All Slime Rancher 1 Plorts

Plort Market


Dry Coral

Overgrown Dry Coral

2 Secret Mobs



Future Plans :

(Not in order of release)

Slimepedia (Soon)

Feedable Slimes (Currently only a few slimes are feedable)

Slime Shop


Flutter and Angler Slimes from Slime Rancher 2

Far Far Range Dimension

Slime Toys (probably will release with Slime Shop)

Seasonal Slimes

and More


If you want to suggest a Feature to be added ask in a comment (not a 100% guarantee it will be added)

Credit to Monomi Park For Creating Slime Rancher

Modification files
SlimeFarmer 1.18.2 (V0.6.1)_1.jar - Update 0.6.1Uploaded on: 07/05/2022 - 10:48   File size: 2.62 MB
SlimeFarmer 1.18.2 (V0.6.2).jar - Update 0.6.2Uploaded on: 07/11/2022 - 18:20   File size: 2.88 MB
SlimeFarmer 1.18.2 (V0.6.3).jarUploaded on: 07/12/2022 - 16:48   File size: 2.88 MB

Update 0.6.3

Added Recipes for The Incinerator and Newbucks Bag


Update 0.6.2

Hello this update adds some stuff including the Glitch Slime and next update may take awhile due to it being a big update



Glitch Slime
Hydro Turret+
Vacpack (None, Pulse Wave and Water)
Newbucks Bag


Small "Update" 0.6.1


Changed Slime Travel Texture

Fixed Puddle Slimes not being feedable


Read the Changelog for 0.6.0 for everything else


Update 0.6.0

Hello, This update adds a lot of new stuff like Corrals and The Gold Slime

also updates will hopefully happen every Monday unless its a big update or I Can`t



  • Added Puddle And Fire Slime Bucket
  • Added Obsidian Slime
  • Added The Legendary Gold Slime
  • Added Icy Slime
  • Added Meteor Slime
  • Added Slime Travel + Saber Slime
  • Added Corrals
  • Added the Hydro Turret
  • Added Ancient Bricks (Creative Only Currently)
  • Changed Crystal Slime Texture
  • Slimes now Bounce
  • Puddle Slimes now Feedable
  • Added A New Secret Slime


Update 0.5.1

  • Added Angler and Flutter Slime (Slime Rancher 2)
  • Add Hens
  • Cotton and Phosphor Slimes are now feedable
  • Tabby Slimes now eat Hen Hens
  • Fixed Rad Slime giving Boom Plort