Ice Dimension Mod

Published by someone69 on Mon, 07/04/2022 - 15:53
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The Ice Dimension Mod:



ice cow
































ice fish

















frozen golem















big yeti















1. magic powder

magic powder

2. the freezer

ice wood

(use ice powder to freeze)


3. ice wood

ice wood


4.Music Disc!


And more...



>use the magic stick to open the portal (craft with stick and magic powder).

>if you spawn on the ocean in the dimension, to find land walk around 50-100 blocks from the potal in each direction. If you still cannot find land use the locate biome command and locate a biome that you aren't in.

>in the ice dimension you can find lapis lazuli ores.

>break ice to get icicles (you can craft ice from icicles).

>you can eat grelant plant leaves.

>to make strong ice use packed ice and ice powder (souround the packed ice with ice powder in the crafting table).

>the portal frame block is magic ice (souround strong ice with magic powder in the crafting table).

>don't turn off structures.


>the game can crash sometimes when being in the ice dimension.

>ice fish dont move

>trees not spawning right


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v1.0.2 - relase

the new wood doesn't need to be obtained from a tree it could be from a mushroom like in teh nether , A giant vine are just something creative.. Cause another ol' tree seems generic especially just blatantly thring one into a random place and naming it after that..