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The Aspects mod is based on the idea of the Origins Mod, it currently adds Six new Aspects wich are all unique and made completely by me. Every Aspects has it´s own price wich are shown at the bottom of the gui.


To get any of the aspect you first need to get a Aspect Choser.

The Ritual on how to get it can be seen here:


The One Hitter is the first of the Aspects, if chosen it will grant you with a Hammer that does 1000 Damage, it therefore does what the name says.


The Super Human Aspects gives you a few effects wich will make you hard to kill, it makes you stronger,faster and more resistant.


The Remembering Aspect adds 2 new Items to your inventory(a popped Chorus fruit and a Amethyst Shard), the p.C.Fruit allows you to set a Home at the cost of 3xp Levels while the Amethyst shard allows you to teleport to it at the cost of 1xp Level.


The Hot Skin Aspect is more of a joke Aspect, it gives you a Hot Totem wich makes every Entity attacked burn for 10s(as long as it is in your Inventory).


The Lava Walker Aspect will enchant your Netherite Boots with the Lava Walker enchantment. If you are not wearing any it will give you the E.Book for it. With Lava Walking on your Boots if you are walking on lava it creates a 3x3 platform of obsidian below you.


Lastly, The One and Only Aspect combines some of the other Aspects.

-It adds a Enchantments to your Netherite Boots(Featherfall[No Fall Damage] and Lava Walking)

-It Gives you more and better Effects

-It fills your Food to the max


Msg from Creator:

It has some bugs that I currently am not able to fix.

Also it would be nice to get some ideas for new aspects from you guys. :D

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