Biome Expansions

Published by P13X on Thu, 07/07/2022 - 15:27
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Welcome to Biome Expansion. Some Quick notes about this mod: This mod was made using MCreator, so don't expect top quality. I hope to fix issues with this mod. I made most of these textures, but I also took some from Nova Skin.

What's New:

Desert Expansion: Adds Palm Trees, a New Wood Type. Found in the desert, along with Desert Cave-Ins with recipes for Golden Cactus Fruit and Golden Coconuts(NYI). Craft Coconut Crackers with Iron Ingots(going to be rods) and gold ingots in the form of a pickaxe to the right.. Craft Juice Squeezers the same way, but missing the middle ingot.

Crystal Caverns: Unfinished Cave Biome with crystals used to make swords. Rare Biome.


Issues With The Mod:
-Palm trees spawn Underwater(top priority to fix)
-Desert Cave-In Structures spawn floating or with a platform underneath them(not top)
-Crystal Caverns don't spawn crystals correctly(not focused on)


Planned Features:

Jungle Expansion: New Type of Melon(more planned, but it's a surprise)
New Nether Forest

Modification files
Biome Expansions.jar - Adds New Expansions To Biomes: Plans to expand more and add-on to existing expansionsUploaded on: 07/07/2022 - 15:37   File size: 277.07 KB

1.0: Desert Expansion+New Cave Biome